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Top 10 professions with the highest salary

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Most of pupils, finishing school, have already chosen their professions and specialties. But there is a large number of those who still can not choose and changes his preferences because of some circumstances. When thinking about  future profession, young people consider not only their talent, but also a salary. It is important to understand that chosen profession can provide the desired income not only after 10, but also after 15-20 years.

We offer you to go through our TOP-10 trades that are considered to be the most highly paid around the world. The most interesting is that the majority of representatives of “expensive” specialties fall into the sphere of health care. Although to be a doctor you need to study about 10 years, really good specialists are ready for such term, so they have good salary later and are appreciated all over the world. It is a pity that salaries for our doctors look rather scanty, in comparison with world prices. So let’s consider in more detail what professions are paid around the world.

1. Surgeons and Anesthetists

They save people’s life everyday, pulling them out of that world and giving a hope to live. But this job needs much responsibility and constantly challenging  specialists on their еndurance and qualification. The doctors are stressed all the time and it influences negatively their own health. Everybody appreciate doctors because of that and expresses it through high salary. Thus, a good doctor-anesthetist and surgeon receive about 210-260 thousand US dollars per year.

If you are lucky to work in a good medical centre, then you are also offered good medical insurance and other privileges. The highest salaries have USA  medics. There is also a joke that highest salary receives only President. In European countries the annual salary is 225 thousands of dollars. It is such a salary received by surgeons in the Netherlands.

Much worse situation is in our country, where surgeons and anesthetists have on average only 20 thousand dollars for a year. For instance, a surgeon in state work receives only 42 thousand dollars a year. In private medical centres it is twice as much.

If the surgeon’s profession is the most highly paid worldwide, in our here it occupies only the 10th position.

However, surgeons are the most demanded all over the world, there are scepticists who think that only after 10-15 years we can fully exchange  people on robots. But the human factor is crucial  when it comes to taking immediate decisions at the operating table. That is why professional surgeons and anesthetists will be needed much longer.

2. Dentist

Dentist is one more well-paid medical specialty profession. All people have teeth, but not everyone can save them from different harms and illnesses, so they need specialists’ help. Fortunately, there is such progress in dentistry, that we can easily solve all problems with teeth, even their complete absence. But this progress also caused a cost increasing. The demand for this profession is always up-to-date, and specialists receive a lot of money. But if the dentist really qualified, his salary is 190-210 thousands of dollars.

The profession of dentist, as a surgeon, will be in demand for many years. Because they can not be changed by robots. And people will always have problems with teeth.

As in the surgeon’s situation, the most rich are dentists, who lives and works in USA.

  1. Top Manager

This profession has several specialties: Chief Director, CEO, chief manager, Top Manager. It is very responsible and has a large list of functions. The company’s success and it’s development depends on good qualification and professionalism of Top Manager. These people are always busy, moving, planning and controlling. Every company wants to have the most qualified person, who is working on a result. Such job worth good payment. There are big and small companies, thus the salary depends. Leading brands of well-known brands can pay even a million salaries – they can afford it.

The size of the salary is also slightly different depending on the industry in which the company operates. The most well-paid is the post of general manager in a sales company. Second place is for marketing. Directors in administrative and financial companies rank third and fourth. On the fifth floor the position of director, director of a branch, head of franchise and director of stores. Bonuses also take place and their size depends on the employee’s experience.

  1. IT-specialists

The software developer profession is considered to be the most prospective for the last few years. Nowadays every organization, firm or company needs this service. Especially if taking to account that all of the buisness gradually flips into the Internet plane. Unlike surgeons and dentists, IT-specialists don’t need to study for 10 years. But the salary is no more lower than medics’. But if the software developer regularly increases his qualification due to constant learning, then their salary can be even 180 thousand dollars annually.

Again, the highest salaries get American IT-specialists. But there is a great demand in this country, that is why it is well-paid.

The size of the fee itself is also different, depending on the type of work. The highest salaries get architects of computer systems. But HTML coders and testers receive relatively low payments in the industry.

  1. Marketing specialists

The staff is responsible for promoting company’s goods and services. For the post of chief marketer are selected candidates who have the appropriate profile education and work experience. The great advantage in this area is also having programming skills.

Marketers are usually searching for ways and markets of services and goods. There are many such platforms.

PR-specialists, who are working with foreign companies, have annually 130-150 thousand of dollars. The highest salaries are for marketers in Australia and USA.

The highest income is for Marketing Directors, and the second place is for SMM-specialists. Relatively small fee is received by assistants and PR-promotion managers.

  1. Engineering

Oddly enough, this specialty allows you to receive high wages in any field. But the mos demanded are engineer mechanics. Lack of such specialists is especially felt in Europe and the Arab world.

But to have high fees, you need to be well-qualified specialist and to prove practically your skills.  Having an engineer’s diploma without the necessary practice does not guarantee absolutely nothing.

The real professionals can easy find the job in any specialty. Especially they needed on production.

Such specialists can have salaries in amount of  90-110  thousand dollars.

The most demanded are engineers-mechanics. That is why they have the highest wages.

  1. Database Administrator

One more specialty, which became popular recently, and nowadays it is one of the most important specialties. This person  is responsible for the functional database safety, provides it’s upgrade, projection, realization and also keeps it all-in-one. The administrators should have good skills for optimization, protection and shutdown elimination. Every crash can cause fatal consequences for the company. That is why this job demands responsibility and high qualification.

Administrators abroad can get 75-80 thousand of dollars.

  1. Financiers and Bankers

The ability to work with money is appreciated on the modern labor market. Financiers are responsible for the proper conduct of financial transactions in the middle of a bank, an enterprise and between them.

The amount of wage is 68-74 thousand dollars annually. Additionally, they have comfortable and cozy office.

Financiers have a great responsibility. Because of this fact, those who recommended well themselves, can pretend to high wages.

The amount of fees also depends on the qualification, level of responsibility and the size of the company.

  1. Teacher

High wages for teachers are normal for the civilized world.They have 70 thousand dollars a year and it also can be more than financiers have.

Teacher’s profession is highly appreciated all over the world. To have a good fee, you need to be a specialist in a particular field and to have an academic degree.

  1. Designer

Graphic designers and web designers in different countries have different fees. But the same is that it is really large. It is a good example of how creative people can use their potential for earning money in the modern information society.

On average, designers can count on 50-70 thousand dollars per year. The rate may vary depending on the country and the specifics of the specialist’s work.

There is no special difference what profession you would choose. It is important to love this job and become a real professional. Don’t be afraid that you will not get a high-paying post without experience. Because everybody starts from light vacancies.

In order to stay on top of a good account, you must constantly improve your skills and not be afraid to learn something new. The world is moving and moving and today’s actual professions  can disappear after a few years. So come up with a choice of a future specialty thoughtfully and responsibly. Good luck!

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