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The top 5 countries which pay foreign students to study at their universities.

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  1. Germany.
  2. The United Kingdom.
  3. Australia.
  4. Denmark.
  5. Holland.

If you think we try to tell you First of April kind of story, think again.

But it’s better to check on the list of countries we found for you.

It turns out that in the contemporary world there are countries that are ready to invest a lot in teaching foreign students.

This is not a PR or a veiled advertising company — it’s a reality that is already available today for everyone. Teaching abroad is not only promising in terms of obtaining a foreign diploma, but also the opportunity to study for free, receive a scholarship for learning and housing.

There are a number of foreign countries that understand the value of investment in higher education, especially for prospective foreigners. It will benefit the state in the future. These grants and scholarships do not need to be returned after study done.  So, it allows them to start to make money independently as soon as they’ve graduated. This policy allows developed countries to get highly educated and qualified specialists.

The KudaPostupat Portal has selected Top 5 countries that are ready to pay foreigners to study at their universities.

Here they are:

1. Germany.

Germany is one of the prosperous countries of the European Union, which does teach foreigners free of charge at state universities. The main condition for studying here is good marks, confirmed by the certificate and an entry requirement level of the German language. This country really has a shortage of specialists in certain areas that are not popular with local students. Another important advantage of studying in Germany is getting a job immediately after graduation from university.

2. The United Kingdom.

This is one of the few countries that offers numerous grants for studying for foreign students. That is why there are a lot of them in England. The decision to award the grant for the study is made at the state level, with the assistance of the National Council on Science and Technology. Great Britain is a valued student involved in scientific research and promotes the country’s technical development and innovations. The country is ready to invest in the training of needed fields of study, specialists they have the shortage in.

3 .Australia.

The authorities of this country have counted the cost of training their students in the United States and Britain. Then they compared the amount of the cost of training foreign students in Australia and concluded that it’s better to invest in the last ones.

This country offers to pay foreign students only 10% of the cost of training. But young people will not have to spend extra for housing, food, entry-  all these expenses on the state.

4. Denmark.

The amount of foreign students has doubled in Denmark’s universities in just a few last years. It happened because of the new policy that allowed making an entry for foreign students makes easier.

The only requirement for university entrants is to provide a diploma of secondary education that meets Danish standards. In addition, there are numerous grants available to foreign students from certain countries.

Besides, they launched  “Study In Denmark” site with information for university entrants, tuition fees, available grants, and scholarship programs, courses, other important data that are required for foreign students to study in Denmark.

5 .Holland.

A great option for students who dream of studying abroad in Holland. They offer free of charge study at state universities, as well as scholarships and grants. So, you do not just don’t pay for your studying,  but they are ready to pay extra for your own study.

The country has a Holland Scholarship program that helps foreign students find a grant or scholarship program in accordance with the needs of a seeker.

Hope you found the country of your dream of tuition-free higher education from our Top 5. Our portal KudaPostupat has a lot of another diverse information about studying abroad.


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