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KudaPostupat – is an international web portal, which was created as a searching tool for updated and reliable information about educational institutions of Ukraine, Europe and North America. This internet platform helps students and their parents get not only general information given by educational institutions of different categories and levels of accreditation, but also additional important materials worth of their attention.

There are three different international portals: topuniversitiesworld.com,  kudapostupat.com,  kudapostupat.ua,  сthat belong to KudaPostupat project, which have been directed to different regions and language groups. Each one of them is designed in such a way to help students find all necessary information about requested educational institution, programs and language courses, in a word to get full informational support.

Value of internet portal KudaPostupat is that it is not a general web-catalogue of educational institutions, it is a complete platform, the aim of which is:

  • familiarization of educational institutions of Ukraine and abroad by high school students, entrants and graduates;
  • establishment of active communication with educational institution without any agents, regardless of location;
  • providing valuable information about special features of education abroad;
  • rating of the best universities, schools and colleges of different levels of accreditation, property forms, specialization;
  • providing information about job market and future job opportunities;
  • collection and publication of useful information about preparation to final tests, admission campaign 2018, language courses and many more.

Our aim is to establish comfortable, clear and affordable communication system between young people, who intend to achieve qualified higher education, find necessary courses and educational institutions in Ukraine and abroad.

To do so we constantly update existing database, which has more than 5700 of educational institutions in 39 countries of the world, work at further project development and improvement, constantly fulfil resource with useful and actual content.

Internet platform KudaPostupat is not an ordinary catalogue or rating of educational institutions. It is the complete international level portal, which gives all necessary information for the right life decision making.

We propose:

  1. Comfortable and consequent searching system, that allows to find requested information in a few clicks.
  2. The fullest catalogues of universities, schools and colleges of Ukraine and world with information given in three languages.
  3. Possibility to achieve qualified education abroad (Poland, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc.) and in the best educational institutions of Ukraine.
  4. Possibility to receive full and updated information about educational institutions of different levels of accreditation and their contact information by yourself.
  5. Straight communication with representatives of educational institutions without any agents.
  6. Permanent update of the database of educational institutions, ratings, information about assessments, news and other useful information for pupils, entrants and students.

How to choose your profession? Where to study? How to achieve education abroad? These are familiar questions for the last grade school students, graduates, entrants and their parents. Representatives of educational institutions of Ukraine and abroad, international level experts, sociologists and psychologists already know answers to all of the abovementioned questions and are ready to share their invaluable experience by means of our internet resource. As long as we live in the era of information technologies development and news overloading, it is extremely important to have relevant and truthful information.

The one that possesses information – possesses one’s future.

Build your future with us!

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