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What are the unusual offers of work for technicians and engineers?

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There are 2 ways for a young candidate: to find a job in native country or to find a job abroad. Main benefits of this opportunity are big salary and career perspectives. The most popular countries to find a job for candidates who know English are the UAE, China and the USA. If a person is interested in working abroad, he/she should check the most popular boards with job offers. To find a job abroad you should visit: freelancer.com, linkedin.com.

It is clear to see that IT and recruitment sphere are highly-developing. There is a large population of professionals in the human resources sector and it is a thriving industry; HR managers, recruiters and head hunter positions are available throughout the country. Europe also does very well with computer programmers and the IT/tech business.

However, not only in Europe IT sphere is gaining popularity. So, it is better to check opportunities for a work in India, firstly. For example, despite the fact that India is by no means the richest country, in the field of IT technologies, it develops at a tremendous pace. The application market in India is at the forefront of development and growth. And this means that there are still free niches for a candidate who is looking for a job in web and application development. It is worth noting that 3/4 of the Indian people enter the Internet through application in mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs. This is the main entrance channel to the Network. For most Indian users of the application in a mobile phone it is much more convenient and clearer than Internet services and sites. So companies and developers who want to work in the local domestic market and make a useful application in India will have enormous opportunities.

Moreover, there are good opportunities for Indians that have a Technician diploma. Indian Railways are fast-growing and has come up with the biggest recruitment of the year. This is one of the major recruitment for Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) and Technicians. Railways announced on 31 March 2017 that the country’s entire railways network would be electrified by 2022. Indian Railways achieved a number of recognitions and awards in sports, tourism sector and for excellence in operational matters.

To apply to this positions technician needs to register in special application that will ask some information to work in Railways. While Part 1 of the application will ask educational qualification, community, gender, religion, minority, economically backward class, eligibility category, etc., the second part of the registration will ask a candidates details of the educational qualification, requirement of scribe, choice of exam language, etc. Applicants shall have to pay application fee of 500 IDR (Rs. 250 IDR for for candidates belonging to SC / ST / Ex-Serviceman / PWDs / Female / Transgender / Minorities / Economically backward class; this fee will be refunded to the same account from which the payment is made).

Only those candidates who have registered for Assistant Loco Pilot post and have qualified both stages of CBT will appear for it. Candidate needs to secure a minimum score of 42 marks in each of the test batteries to qualify. There will be no negative marking in this test. Candidates equal to 50% of the number of vacancy for various posts will also be called for document verification.

Also you can combine these two ways of searching a job. It means candidate may work in native land, but in an international company. For example, there is a good number of European companies represented in India. In 2016 export to India rose by 132 percent and imports by 110 percent when compared with 2015. The most prominent areas of partnership between Europe and India are: medicine, agriculture, education, culture, tourism, metallurgy and machinery. At present, cooperation between Europe and India is one of the key directions in bilateral relations. Ten percent of all international students studying in Europe are from India. Moreover if we compare Indian candidate and candidate from Europe, Indian student is ready for a cheaper salary compared to other countries. So Indian candidate is more competitive.

Proposals for work for European students are wide-ranging. Therefore, the main thing is that a person has to do is determine the scope of activity and start looking for work.

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