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Top 3 most expensive universities

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Top-3-samyh-dorogih-universitetovYou will be surprised, when you find out the most expensive and the cheapest foreign schools.

As we can see, students and their parents choose foreign universities for a few criteria. It is important to pay attention to the school rating, curriculum and research projects, employment prospects in future. But for most of graduates cost of education is the crucial thing. There are foreign schools, which education cost doesn’t differ much from Ukrainian ones. Although there are some of them, which education cost only wealthy family can afford.

Some of the graduates want to get their education in the most expensive and prestigious universities. Others, at the same time, want to get good education for available cost in order to save the money.

In what university do you want to study?

Let us introduce you TOP-3 expensive and prestigious universities according to the portal KudaPostupat:

  1. SarahLawrence College, USA

Despite of the fact that this college is not so popular for our countrymen, Sarah Lawrence College is the most expensive university of USA. Only most qualified professors and lecturers are invited here. There are also personalized programs of studying; not more than 20 students in each group. The college has high educational standards, special intellectual atmosphere and status among students. Though, all of this influences on tuition fee and accommodation.

The college was founded in 1926 in Yonkers, New York. It’s founder – businessman William Van Duzer Lawrence created a humanitarian educational institution and called it after his wife.

For 1 year of studying in this university you should pay 20 000 $

On general accounts, tuition fee, accommodation, food costs, public transport and other students’ needs is 65 500 $

  1. Universityof Westminster, England

Second place is not for Cambridge or Oxford, and even not for Harvard University. The most expensive university of Great Britain is University of Westminster, which is situated in the heart of London.

The university organizes modern scientific research, teachers have a high level of qualification and perfectly doing their job. Postgraduates are always being offered jobs from best English and foreign companies. All these factors influence tuition fee. Not only rich people can study there, because the university offers one of the best scholarship programs of the country.

It is one of the oldest and respected English schools, founded in 1838. In average, for 1 academic year you will pay 13300 $

The total tuition with room rent, food and transport in University of Westminster is 33 000$

  1. Quest University, Canada

This is a young private educational institution, which is considered to be the most expensive in Canada. Quest University’s main building is located on the shore of the ocean in the province of British Columbia. Educational institutions use innovative approaches to the educational process, students are offered intensive modules while studying. All the university students live in the campus and can engage in research activities, take an intership and actively engage in various sports.

General expenses for studying, with food expenses, public transport and accommodation in Quest University is 39 000$

And now let’s talk about foreign universities, which cost is the most available for foreigners. TOP-3 by the version of KudaPostupat portal:

  1. Sunway University, Malaysia

The Sunway University offers great opportunities for studying and provides the educational process on international level. Besides, this university offers the optimal indicator such as the cost of studying and its quality.

The university is considered to be the best in the country and has a wide range of educational specialties, including double curriculum, working with the best universities in the world. In spite of the high quality, the cost of education in this university is one of the lowest.

Students from 90 countries of the world study at Sunway University. Almost 30% of students are foreigners. The university is also working with British, American and Australian scientists.

The Sunway College started to work in 1987 and got the status of university in 2010.

In general, the tuition fee and accommodation in the university of Malaysia is 7 000$.

  1. Radboud University, Netherlands

It is one of the European countries, which offers to foreign students paid, but not expensive tuition fee, according to the standards of the modern market. It should be noticed that studying in  Netherlands can be cheap in most universities of the country. One of such universities is Radboud. Students of this school have an opportunity to attend a large number of academic courses of different specialties at all academic levels.

Studying in Netherlands is the great opportunity to get the European level education and pay for studying relatively small money. Foreign students are attracted here by the fact that the classes are provided in English and the university conducts the scientific research.

The university functions from 1923 and has 7 specialties, including about 20 thousand students.

The average cost of studying with accommodation and food in Radboud University is 7800 $.

  1. Bucks New University,England

This university is good for those, who dreams about studying in Great Britain, but doesn’t have enough money. The main building of Bucks New University is situated just a few kilometers from London, in Buckinghamshire.

Foreign students here are attracted by available studying of the best universities in England, different ways of building career, the opportunity of Distance Learning. Students at Bucks University have the opportunity to complete the internship successfully, also the institution helps it’s graduates to get the job after the graduation.

The institution received the university status only in 2008. Now it has more than 8,000 students from the UK and other countries. The University is developing and becomes more popular among foreign students.

The cost of education, including accommodation and food is 12 500 $

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