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European studies or country studies – one of the most popular professions that are in demand on the European labor market. The popularity of the profession lies in the fact that it is aimed at European integration. A large number of European universities are willing to take students to study in such a specialty.

The country specialist has to understand history and culture, international law and diplomacy, political science and economics, and have deep knowledge about all European countries and be able to use this knowledge in practice. It is important to know the languages of European countries, the literature, the subtleties of the work of the administration of the European Union, the problems of society.

Description of the profession

Specialist in European Studies must have a wide knowledge of everything related to Europe, its cultural heritage, legal relationships, diplomacy, economic and political changes, sociology, etc.

Graduates of country studies successfully work as diplomats and consultants, representatives in embassies, political scientists. Such people should know several languages and communicate freely, understand the international relations and the specifics of the cultures of individual countries, promote European integration, help foreigners.

It is important to have personal qualities such as the ability to negotiate and find a common language in controversial issues, solve difficult situations peacefully, organize various cultural and social events, be able to work in a team and manage the team, properly distribute funding.

Specialist in European Studies is an expert in European culture, history, law, diplomacy, economics, which helps the public to better understand the events taking place in the international arena.

Prospects for employment

Country researchers or specialists in European studies have the opportunity to work:

  • In the administrations of the governments of European countries, especially in the direction of cooperation of the local government with the European;
  • Employees engaged in European integration;
  • Marketers, specialists in territorial marketing;
  • Diplomats;
  • Embassy officials;
  • Representatives at embassies;
  • Political scientists;
  • In non-governmental organizations and representations of various EU institutions;
  • In cultural and social organizations, deputies’ offices;
  • In institutions that deal with health care;
  • In funds and public organizations;
  • In the departments of personnel management;
  • In the media and publishing houses.


Depending on the chosen direction of employment, experts in European studies can work in various organizations and institutions as consultants. Responsibilities of such specialists are:

  • Development of relations between European countries;
  • Legal, diplomatic help for foreign citizens;
  • Assistance in preparing documents and issuance of visas;
  • Informing, consulting and attracting the attention of the population of different countries to the situation and problems in European countries;
  • Assistance to foreigners and foreign tourists in paperwork;
  • Conducting excursions, organizing tours for foreign tourists;
  • The teaching of European Studies.

How to become a specialist in European studies, a specialist in country studies

In order to work as a specialist in country studies, you need to have a higher education at the level of a bachelor’s or master’s degree. In universities of different countries, there are many educational specialties that train such specialists. The directions of study can be quite different:

  • International relations;
  • International law;
  • International economic relations;
  • International communications;
  • International business;
  • Tourism;
  • International finance;
  • International and European integration;
  • International relations and regional studios of various profiles.

Specialists in European studies are valued in the international market and receive high salaries. There are good prospects for career growth and the ability to hold high positions not only in government organizations but also in international and intercontinental companies.

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