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WSB Universities

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Universities of WSBUniversities of WSB Group belong to one of the largest business school in Poland. We don’t keep secret of our susses  we try to improve year after year our education, try to keep close ties with domestic business and international recognized universities. Also, we do everything possible to be in touch with needs of business world. Polish and English are main languages for conducting study here.

Time to study, time to work, time to live.
Education in our Universities focuses primarily on people who both studying at the university and work.  Most of our international students successfully combine their training with their work.
Get useful skills for your life.
You will get just the skills you need for your future job.  We offer courses and majors based on needs of labor market. Our educational programs are developed on the grand of consultations with the specialists who work in the particular field.

If  WSB will be chosen by you:
-You can  combine studying with work through programs that focus on the professionally active people lifestyle;

  Our classes are taught by not just world recognized professors and academic lecturers, but  business practitioners;

 You will receive  knowledge through new  training programs, which designed to meet the needs of employers, get advice from specialists in determined areas;

 You will study in modern equipped classrooms,  laboratories  accessed to specialized software;

 Our flexible tuition system allows you to decide when and how to pay for your education;

 You will receive work experience during traineeship, internship, additional training courses, and workshops organized by the Career Bureau.

To find more information go to our website – www.wsb.pl/english/.

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1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (15 stars, mean: 4.80 from 5)
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