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Educational grant – is a great opportunity for students to get money for education, accommodation, transport and scientific researches realization. The majority of European countries have special programs to sponsorship talented students in their high schools.

Our web-page now gives the opportunity to learn about grants and scholarships. You also can apply for them and get your costs.

The educational portal KudaPostupat has searched the best scholarship programs and grants and picked all the necessary information inside of one web-page. Now everybody can look through the programs, evaluate their capabilities and pick the most suitable for themselves.

To make it more easy to search for grant and scholarship information, we pick the offers on the portal to countries respectively. We offer to go through Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and other grants. Also, every grant is described in details about it’s form of education.

To take part in the competition of getting funding can:

  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • PhD
  • Candidates

Depending on the country and type of funding, there are grants that:

  • Fully cover the cost of education
  • Cover educational costs, student fees, accommodation, foods, transport
  • Paid as a monthly scholarship
  • Cover only 75%, 50% or 25% of educational costs
  • Designated for specific specialties and areas of study
  • Designated exclusively for students with financial difficulties

Usually, foreign students are respected in European universities, which are ready to give scholarships for education and different grants. But in a majority of cases there are some requirements to all candidates, without any exception.

The most popular criteria for getting grant:

  • The confirmation of enrollment on a full-time form of study at the university, who cooperate with the program , or provides grants for study
  • High school invitation
  • High academic achievements in education
  • High level of language of the country, where you plan to study (it is obligatory criteria in Germany, England, Czech Republic)
  • Active life position, leadership qualities, initiative, etc.

There is also an information about the terms and amounts of funding; there are one and two semester scholarships, for one year of studying with the possibility of continuation, and also for two and three years. The amount of scholarship in every country is counted depending on the cost of education and the amount of students’ costs to the room rent, foods and transport.

The majority of programs provide only one time participation in the competition. This means that one student can get the grant for education only once. Although there are programs, which can be continued, and you can participate few times.

Also there is a short information reference about each and every grant on KudaPostupat, which lets not only to go through the program, but also to understand if it suits. It is very comfortable, because students and graduates should not search for this information on their own.

It is important, that the majority of programs start to pick the applications from candidates for a few months before the learning process. Usually this period is about November-January, if the learning process starts from the September next year.

That is why you would better start the preparation earlier. Also there are programs, which do not need the application separately. And commission goes through the candidates for scholarship among all people, who applied to study. This information you can find on our web-page. The educational portal KudaPostupat provides only verified and up-to-date information about existing grants and scholarship programs. We wish you successful searches and no less successful participation in chosen program.

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To look for grant and choose the most suitable you can in this link.

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