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A fashion for a healthy lifestyle means that in addition to the usual routine of the day, regardless of the load, people find time for swimming, aerobics, pilates or classes in the gym. In order to achieve optimal results and obtain hard muscles, you need to work with a personal instructor or a qualified specialist who will help you to find optimum loads in accordance with the requirements and characteristics. Professional sports are left for professionals. And we trust to professional instructors support of a healthy mind in a healthy body.

A description of the profession

A profession like “Sport” practically does not exist. Instead, there are such specialists as:

  1. A fitness instructor;
  2. A sports doctor;
  3. A coach;
  4. A sports psychologist;
  5. A sports business manager, etc.

This category includes several types of professions that have specific characteristics, but all are absolutely related to sport. Therefore, it’s important to describe briefly every specialization.

A fitness instructor – It is a peculiar teacher who teaches how to work correctly with the body and achieve the optimal result in a physical form. Among the duties of a fitness trainer there are the following:

  • A personal selection of a complex of exercises depending on the purpose of training, the physical state of health and body;
  • Instructing how to perform exercises correctly;
  • Control of the regularity, the progress of training, evaluation of results, adjustments to the complex of exercises;
  • Providing psychological impetus to self-improvement, support in a difficult moment.

Prospects for employment. Already from the title of specialization, it is clear that such people work in fitness centers, health establishments of private and state ownership.

A sports doctor / a sports psychologist – a doctor who constantly works with athletes, both individually and with the whole team. This person is responsible for nutrition, well-being, the work of the body during exercise and training, support for the psychological and emotional state, the using of medicines, and so on. These responsibilities are part of the working list of a sports doctor or a psychologist.

Employment for sports doctors and psychologists is possible in state and private sports organizations, sports centers, work with whole teams (football, hockey, basketball, etc.)

The main requirement for such specialists is the availability of higher medical education. Educational specialties – medical and pediatrics.

A coach – This is a person who professionally trains athletes and controls the training of these people for the competition. Duties of a coach:

  • Studying and using the maximum of individual abilities, physical and mental resources of an athlete;
  • The correct approach to the distribution of loads, calculation of intensity, preparing the training schedule;
  • Selection of effective means and methods of preparation of the athlete that will allow achieving the best results (engaging in physical, tactical, theoretical, technical and psychological training);
  • Tracking the emotional, physical condition of the athlete, setting a positive mood, emotional determination to winning.

Sports trainers have prospects of employment in sports clubs and fitness centers, various sports and physical culture organizations.

A sports business manager – it’s a professional manager. The duties of such a specialist include a large range of tasks:

  • Organization of work of a sports team, a federation, a separate athlete;
  • Creating an image and reputation of an athlete;
  • Participation in the process of selecting players for teams, buying and selling;
  • Preparation and active participation in sports events;
  • Administrative management of sports schools and clubs;
  • Providing, selling and promoting a variety of sports services.

Sports managers work in sports teams, federations, schools and clubs.

To become a sports trainer, a doctor or a psychologist, you need to undergo stationary training. For specialists in the field of medicine, it should be medical universities and compulsory internship according to the specialty.

Fitness instructors, coaches study at specialized sports universities. The key to the success of the coach or instructor is a good physical form. Former athletes who have gone through a difficult training course and felt all the techniques of physical training become good coaches and instructors. Successful trainers and instructors are also sports workers and people who have been engaged in amateur sports for a long time.

In order to become a sports manager, you need to have a higher specialized education manager in sports, sports activities, sports logistics.


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