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Learning English in England

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Learning English in England One of the most progressive and effective ways of language preparation for entrance to a foreign higher education institution is regular trips to a country selected for studying, especially for the purposes of learning its language being surrounded by native speakers. If it is English, there is no better solution than studying in England.

When choosing a program for studying English you should consider 4 most popular options: studying in boarding schools, learning English in language schools, individual studying living with an English teacher or individual programs with independent search for accommodation. This article is going to present brief review of each of the suggested options.

English boarding schools

Every summer basic-level educational institutions of England open their doors for foreign pupils to give them an opportunity to learn English intensively. Such types of schools offer everything necessary for life, studying and leisure activities of children: libraries, sports grounds, swimming pools, tennis courts or hobby clubs. They also regularly organize trips and tours to attractive sites of England.

It should be noted that children are under day and night supervision of highly qualified specialists. Usually, dates for such programs are fixed and they last for 1-3 weeks.

Studying in language schoolsStudying in language schools living with a host family

Children and adults also may study in England based on specialized language centers and schools offering high quality of teaching of English. An advantage of this option is the possibility to combine studying and other classes, because you can attend lessons afternoon. In addition language centers offer lots of tours through the cities of England.

Individual studying living with an English teacher

Less popular, but a very effective way to learn English quickly is to delve into English-speaking environment. This option is perfect for those who want to reach maximum results in a short span of time. Advantages of this program include elaboration of an individual learning plan for a pupil and a leisure program complying with his/her interests.

It should be mentioned that individual studying living with an English teacher can be completed anytime.

Individual studying living independently

This program differs from the above-mentioned one by the fact that a pupil doesn’t live with an English teacher, but searches for a place to live by himself/herself. This approach is often used by parents who want their children-students to prepare for entrance exams to universities of England.

Individual studying living independently is marked by availability of a personal tutor selected in accordance with your requirements and goals. In this case a teacher goes to a pupil himself/herself. This gives an opportunity to learn English fast, prepare for entrance to an English higher educational institution well and spend holidays with pleasure.

Studying in England – is the best way for pupils and students to spend unforgettable and effective holidays.

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