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The abundant benefits of an international education at WSEI

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In a city as multicultural as Krakow, the perks are limitless for international degrees run in English. Krakow has always been important place for academia in Central Eastern Europe, and is building into a solid hub for industrialisation without losing its cultural heritage. The city is a melting pot of cultures and thousands of international students are choosing to gain their university education here. This is because of its affordability yet splendid quality of life!

WSEI offers full-time degree programmes in English for students interested in Information Technology as well as Business Administration. Studying at an international programme at WSEI in Krakow has abundant benefits-

  • Studying in a multicultural environment lays down a concrete basis for future jobs in multinational corporations.
  • Degrees conducted in English help build your linguistic skills and are an attractive asset to companies that plan on hiring you!
  • Not only do they make you a unique graduate, but also give you real life competences that you gain from the practical experiences during studying.


Students at WSEI have the opportunity to undertake several extra-curricular trainings, internships and exchange programmes funded by the European Union’s Erasmus programme. Thousands of students in Europe and neighbouring countries partake in the Erasmus exchange programme where they are able to study in an international university for a semester or more.

Student exchanges such as these are vital for building your confidence, being more independent, learning how academic settings vary in different European countries, and also to broaden your horizons on the kind of opportunities available to you post-graduation. Erasmus students are also eligible for scholarships during their time on exchange.

Learn how Erasmus exchanges work and explore which countries you can travel to via WSEI’s Erasmus programme https://en.wsei.edu.pl/academics/study-abroad-with-erasmus-plus/

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