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The building profession

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There is a very interesting saying that the profession of a builder is a profession at all times. There are such specialties that are relevant only for a certain period, and then just the demand for such professionals disappears. Rapid technological progress, the introduction of innovative technologies provoke this situation. Hardly anyone needs specialists who weave stacks or make oak barrels. But there are professions, the demand for which will never disappear. Moreover, with the development of technology, the direction of work is increasing. Builders are just such specialists.

Buildings, premises and various industrial buildings grow every day in every city. That is why there is a great need for specialist builders, engineers, masons, roofers, electrical installers, painters, tilers and other specialists who are in need of construction.

Description of the profession

A builder is a specialist who can work hard, think logically and have a technical mindset. There are builders – executives and performers of various works. The main feature of the work of a builder is the need to work in a team, to constantly learn and learn from the one another’s experience. As a rule, masters who work in the same brigade can perform several types of work easily and qualitatively.

People who have chosen the profession of builder must be physically strong, healthy and have extraordinary endurance. Sometimes it is necessary to perform such works, which require not only physical strength but also flexibility, mobility, not only the entire body but also its individual parts. Some types of works involve constant monotonous execution of similar tasks, so builders should have a great supply of patience and endurance, be able to concentrate. It is important to have a good vision and perception of colors. In addition to good imagination and memory, you need to have technical thinking. The inalienable qualities of a good builder are precision, the ability to organize your own work and work of the whole team, be balanced and diligent.

Among the advantages of the profession are high salary, permanent availability of work, the ability to show creative abilities and have a free schedule. Among the disadvantages are the danger of work on unfinished sites, the implementation of heavy physical work, an unregulated schedule and the need to work under any weather conditions, at high altitudes, in cold weather or in the rain.

Employment prospects

Today’s construction sites are in sufficient numbers, as well as premises, houses and apartments that require high-quality repairs. Builders successfully work on large and small construction sites, factories and manufacturing establishments.


Responsibilities of the builder:

  • Implementation of various construction works (brick and block layering, concrete and cement screed casting, painting, installation of tiles and overlappings, work with wiring, wall painting, hanging the wallpaper, welding, preparation of surfaces for work, artwork of walls, etc.);
  • Preparation of a workplace, building materials;
  • Checking the proper condition of technical equipment;
  • Control over the execution of works in the required sequence;
  • Project managers also define cost estimates and funding allocations, select and form working teams.

How to become a builder

Sometimes, in order to work on construction, it is enough to learn from the construction itself, working as an assistant wizard. But to get high positions and a decent salary, you need to have special secondary education. But for those who want to climb rapidly on the career ladder, professional higher education will be needed.

For professional builders, it’s important to understand construction techniques and professional equipment. It is also important to know the safety rules for the operation of such equipment and construction work.

The most demanded in construction are universal masters who are able to perform qualitatively several types of works. Accordingly, salaries from such masters are highest.



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