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Medical universities of Italy – where to study

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Medical universities of Italy It is impossible to imagine the present-day world without progress in the sphere of medicine. Every day new discoveries and inventions in these sphere help struggle with lots of various human diseases. When choosing a future profession, many prospective students decide to go with medical specializations and when thinking of a place to study – they choose Italy.

Medical universities of Italy are famous world-wide for their modern techniques, approaches to teaching medical students and multiple practical courses for studying this sphere. It is also should be mentioned that medical professions are always in demand on the world labor market.

This article is going to present information about aspects of studying medical specializations at Italian universities, where to study to become a doctor and how to become a student of a medical university in Italy.

Medical universities of Italy

There are many universities in Italy that train medical specialists. That’s why the problem of choosing a place to study is especially acute for foreigners. Below are best medical universities of Italy.

University of Milan

University of Milan takes up the leading position in the rating of universities of Italy training medical professionals. There is the strongest Medical school operating at the premises of the university and it has a separate system of education and uses modern teaching methods.

University of Bologna University of Bologna

The list of prestigious medical universities of Italy also includes University of Bologna, which consists of School of Medicine and Surgery. Having a diploma of higher education obtained at the University of Bologna, a graduate can easily find a job in line with the specialization. Medical students sharpen their skills in practice in best research centers, laboratories and hospitals of Italy.

Sapienza University of Rome

The quality of medical education at Sapienza University is as good as in two above-mentioned universities. Here students get practical skills, conduct scientific experiments in university laboratories and by the time of their graduation they are well-trained to work in line with the specialization.

Università di Padova

Università di Padova is the world-famous center for studying medicine in the Renaissance era. Up to now the university is best known for its achievements in the sphere of medicine and continues developing a healthcare sector on the global stage.

How to get admittedHow to get admitted

To begin with, the system of higher education of Italy has three education levels: Bachelor’s programme, Master’s programme and postgraduate studies. To get a bachelor degree in medicine, a student has to complete a six-year training. Master’s programme takes another three years.

The main condition for admission to postgraduate studies is to have three years of working experience in the sphere of medicine. To get a higher doctorate degree, a student has to write and successfully defend a dissertation.

To get admitted to a Bachelor’s programme at medical universities of Italy you have to have a 12-year education (for example, 10 years at school and 2 years at university). 15-year education is obligatory for a Master’s programme. You can prove that by submitting your academic record from a local university or a diploma.

It is quite simple for a foreigner to become a student of a medical university of Italy: you have to pass entrance tests in some vocation-related subjects and prove your high level of Italian with a certificate.
To fasten the admission procedure, you should go to Italian embassy in your country. Specialists will tell you about opportunities, programmes and possibilities of studying at Italian universities and help you process a study visa fast.

Apart from a standard admission procedure to Italian universities, you can also participate in the international student exchange programmes or grants. Such kinds of programmes give students from different countries opportunities to study medicine in Italy for free. All medical universities of Italy offer reasonable prices for studying. The cost of the course depends on the prestige value of a university, specialization and education degree. Taking into consideration these factors the cost of studying can be either 600€ or 5000€ per year.

After getting a higher education in medicine at one of Italian universities, you won’t have problems with finding a job in any country of the world. Thanks to the variety of internship programmes, Italian universities train highly qualified medical specialists.

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