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To promote or not to advertise online university recruitment online during COVID?

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Quarantine caused by COVID-19 has affected the lives of billions of people around the world. Businesses that could switch to distance learning, schools and universities had to quickly apply distance learning tools. Many entertainment companies have opened free access to their courses, podcasts and videos, which allows people to gain new skills, delve into their specialization and learn something new in general.

The reduction of applicants’ desks, the over-reliance of one region on student enrollment, and the termination of travel are forcing many institutions to reconsider their enrollment strategies and mechanisms. The question is the speed and flexibility of change. How can universities adapt quickly to the new environment?

Be different and build trust

In times of high uncertainty, when other universities do not hesitate to act,  try to stand out, communicate with potential applicants, redirect their offline marketing budget to online operations. There are still candidates, they are as uncertain as you are, and you can reach out to them, and other institutions are watching and waiting. Holding hands during these difficult times, they will make you trust you much more and help build this relationship. So when the time comes and applicants are ready to make their decision, the chances are higher that they will choose someone they trust, someone they know, someone who has been through difficult times, and support them in the learning process. If nothing is done now, it will not only put the recruitment cycle under the risk until 2020, but also overshadow the prospects for autumn recruitment in 2021.

Bring peers on board

We simply cannot overestimate the power of peer advice and influence these days. And in terms of visualization and the existence of such a homogeneous connection, there is currently nothing more powerful than Instagram. There are millions of micro-influences with 10-30 K very loyal followers. They share their daily procedures, their dreams, difficulties, their life stories. Their subscribers trust them. Working with influential people can help institutions show potential students how they learn online, but how the learning process works, the amount of support the school provides, and beyond: what it’s like to live in this city, how to live in dormitories, what’s safe , and international students are welcome here. This is not about telling, but about demonstrating and communicating institutional values ​​through students’ peers in their own language.

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