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Denmark Significantly Decreases in Numbers of Places for Foreign Students Enrolled to International Study Programs

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Education in DenmarkAs it has become known to the Kuda Postupat portal, Denmark significantly reduces the number of available places for foreign students admitted to international study programs.

Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science Tommy Ahlers said that admissions to English-language programs for foreign students in university programs would be reduced. We are talking about programs that are taught in English. The Minister also noted that the number of places for foreign scholars is decreasing precisely for the programs, after which graduates leave the country.

The ministry’s analysts have determined that 42% of graduates studying in English programs leave Denmark for the first two years after completing university studies. More than a third of graduates continue to work in the country for more than two years.

At the same time, the state spends a lot of money on education, but university graduates do not remain to work in Denmark.

This conclusion follows from the decision taken last year to reduce the number of foreign students in business academies and university colleges. Six out of eight Danish universities reduce the number of foreign students admitted. That is, the number of scholars studying in programs taught in English was reduced by 27.8% or by 1765 students.

Such government actions have been criticized by both educators and business organizations in Denmark. Anders Bjarklev, the chairman of eight universities in Denmark, noted that such a decision would greatly aggravate the culture of educational institutions, the absence of foreign students would weaken the network of educational institutions. In the future, the authorities will understand that an erroneous decision was made. IDA Engineering Society said that this decision is regrettable.

However, the fact that university graduates leave Denmark after graduation, or work for a short time is not their desire to “escape” from Denmark. Experts say that the reason should be sought in the new rules of residence in the country. The Danish Parliament passed a bill that assumes that foreigners must wait eight years to obtain a right of permanent residence in the country. That is, the emigrants do not want to waste their time on a long wait.

Another reason for the curtailment of English language courses is that foreign students owe Denmark 123 million kroner, or €16.5 million ($19,2 million). According to the Ritzau news agency, 40% of foreign students have not even begun to repay debt. And, according to the EU law, Denmark can not levy debt from foreign students outside the country.
However, the Danish government created a task group whose purpose is to reduce the number of bachelor’s and master’s programs. In 1985, the number of bachelor programs in Denmark was 202. Over time, the number increased and in 2017 it was already 386. The head of the government committee and department of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science Agnete Gersing stated that due to a numerous university programs it is difficult for students to orient themselves there to make the right choice.

In addition, similar programs at different universities should be given the same name. It is not known at this time how many bachelor programs should be in the future. The working group recommends one-year programs as an alternative to two-year master’s programs.

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