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In the era of total computerization distribution of information through Internet is the most practical way of taking on a market, especially an educational one. Everyone looking for a place to study or courses to attend goes to internet search engines with this question in the first place. And then he or she considers offers, locations, prices and advantages, reads feedbacks and articles helping to make a choice.

But what if your university or college is out of its sight? Nothing is going to happen. A potential student will simply not find out about your existence. Without doubt, a dominant name and duration of existence provide many universities with a stream of new students every year. However, the amount of private universities, business schools, online workshops is increasing every day, and they do not hesitate to spend money on brand building.

It will soon be hard to find your own place in such abundance of advertisements. That’s why, don’t waste time and use resources of KudaPostupat portal to allow your future students find you sitting near the computer and using their phones.

Your opportunities on HindustanEducation.com (KudaPostupat):

  • Placement of basic information: brief information about a university, courses, services.
  • Placement of detailed information: detailed information about faculties, requirements for studying, prices, requirements to entrants, photos and videos.
  • Publication of useful materials on the portal, for example, articles with links to the main page with basic information and contacts of a university.
  • Announcement of starting dates of admission process, different events, competitions etc.
  • Writing news for catching more attention to activities of a study center.
  • Placement of information in additional sections, apart from the main catalogue, in case there are related services (personnel development, language courses affiliated with universities, preparation to external independent testing).
  • Repost of articles and news in social networks of KudaPostupat portal.
  • Banner advertisement enabling to catch more attention when necessary.
  • Getting a VIP status providing more attractive positions in search results for the portal and in general placement.

Read more about variants of placing information on web-site here.

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