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Partner program

A site partner is a special status that gives the company-owner several benefits:

  • showing company logo and names in the “site partners” block (more than 120,000 impressions per month);
  • placing the company on the page «site partners»;
  • 10% off on all KudaPostupat site services

Any company registered with the KudaPostupat site and has a good website can become a partner. This requires:

  • place our link on the first page of your site (see examples of links below);
  • send us a messagewith a request to become a partner and a link to your site;
  • our manager will check your site and, if everything is done correctly, will activate the partner status.
  1. HindustanEducation.com – an educational hub for Indian students
    <div>HindustanEducation.com – <a href=”http://hindustaneducation.com/” target=”_blank”>an educational hub for Indian students</a></div>
  2. HindustanEducation.com – grants in Europe
    <div>HindustanEducation.com – <a href=”http://hindustaneducation.com/grants/” target=”_blank”>grants in Europe</a></div>
  3. HindustanEducation.com – educational agencies

    <div>HindustanEducation.com - <a href="http://hindustaneducation.com/agencies/" target="_blank">educational agencies</a></div>
  4. HindustanEducation.com – Top universities of the world

    <div>HindustanEducation.com - <a href="http://hindustaneducation.com/top-universities-of-the-world/" target="_blank">Top universities of the world</a></div>
  5. HindustanEducation.com – education abroad
    <div>HindustanEducation.com – <a href=”http://hindustaneducation.com/education-abroad/” target=”_blank”>education abroad</a></div>
  6. HindustanEducation.com – education in Ukraine
    <div>HindustanEducation.com – <a href=”http://hindustaneducation.com/education-in-ukraine/” target=”_blank”>education in Ukraine</a></div>


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