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Higher education in Ukraine is the choice not only of ambitious Ukrainian youth, but of most students from neighboring CIS and Asian countries. Students from the following countries mostly enter Ukrainian universities: Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, India, Nigeria, PRC, Iraq and Russia. The most popular specializations in Ukraine for Indian students are medicine, economics, law, engineering and aviation.

Advantages of education in Ukraine for Indians

Advantages of getting education at home are obvious for local citizens. They include availability of own housing (at admission according to place of residence), usual surrounding and language of study, lack of the need to break social contacts and, of course, financial affordability.

Moreover, despite the fact that European universities are still considered as a standard of the highest quality of education, in recent decades there has been a tendency to strengthen positions of Ukrainian universities in the list of the best educational institutions of Europe. Although there are only 6 of them, while the license for teaching Indians has been issued to 203 universities. Opportunities for Indian students of getting European level of education in Ukraine are present.

Education in Ukraine for Indians

For many Indian students admission to Ukrainian university can be the only chance not to waste a precious year if they failed exams back home. Although this is often not the reason Indian students choose Ukraine; they are usually motivated by the level of teaching and opportunities that provide international relations of some educational institutions, student exchange programs and possibilities to participate in research activities.

It should be mentioned that Indians with Ukrainian residence permit get admitted on the same rights as native citizens – according to the results of external independent testing. Those Indians who don’t have a citizenship are enrolled to the first year according to the interview results in the major subject if they have a certificate of complete secondary education.

Depending on a selected specialization students have an opportunity to study in Ukrainian, English or Russian. If an Indian student doesn’t have enough knowledge of the language, there is a possibility to improve his/her skills at preparatory courses for foreigners, which usually last less than a year. This will help not only to improve language proficiency, but also to get used to specialized terminology.

Accommodation of Indians for the period of studies

As befits, any educational institution of an international level takes care of its material resources and availability of dormitories. Some universities even have entire campuses with the wide infrastructure.

Besides, the issue of accommodation for Indian students and provision of a high level of comfort is supervised at the country level, so the idea to receive higher education in Ukraine is getting more and more appealing year by year not only for Ukrainians, but for citizens of other countries as well.

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