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Nursing profession

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There are professions that choose to receive high incomes, and there are such professions that are vocations. It is such a specialty – nursing. It is not even a specialty, but more a favorite thing – to help others. Because not all people have enough patience for daily mechanical and, to some extent, routine affairs.

A nurse and a medical brother deal with people who are ill or just need support or qualified help every day. It is people with a medical profession that help sick people to treat and stay at the hospital more pleasant and less traumatic. This type of occupation requires mental endurance, patience and enormous efforts. However, if a person has found his vocation in this profession, he offers himself excellent opportunities for self-development and receives pleasure from the work he is engaged in.

Description of the profession

Officially the is the care of an individual and a common type for people regardless of age, nationality, religion, health status. The profession includes the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, prevention, care for people regardless of health, support for seriously ill and those who die.

Nursing is a kind of art that helps patients maintain their health and maximize their potential for life.

The nurse should be ready to work in rural and urban areas. Such a specialist should have knowledge about the symptoms of various diseases, rules of medication, care for patients, the dosage of medical products, sanitary work among patients, carrying out preventive vaccinations.

A nurse with a broad profile should have skills in subcutaneous, intravenous and intramuscular injections, harness and tire overlay, gastric lavage, artificial respiration and indirect heart massage, first aid for burns, poisoning, injuries, wounds, frostbites, bovine overlays, preparation for anesthesia, assisting during surgery.

Prospects for employment

Nurses and nurses have to carry out their professional duties in health care facilities of all types and levels. That is why the list of institutions in which such a specialist can work is quite diverse:

  • Family medicine centers, general-purpose ambulatory clinics;
  • Districts of physicians and pediatricians;
  • A hospital nurse;
  • An ambulance, MRI;
  • Educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, universities, colleges, orphanages and boarding schools);
  • Health posts;
  • Medical institutions of social care, which cares for children, invalids and veterans, shelters;
  • Maternity hospitals and perinatal centers;
  • Hospices and rehabilitation centers;
  • Areas of forensic medical examination, medical and social assistance;
  • Employees of polyclinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers, medical associations, clinics;
  • Research institutes and medical universities.


The main function of a nurse is a help. It can be manifested through actions such as:

  • Emergency care;
  • A physician’s assistant during surgery and other medical manipulations;
  • A caring for people in hospitals and dispensaries;
  • An execution of injections;
  • Measurement of blood pressure, body temperature;
  • An issuance of ill medical products;
  • Maintaining medical documentation, issuing certificates, recipes, directions for passing the examination;
  • Care for sick and healthy people;
  • Teaching patients and their relatives how to properly care for patients, perform simple procedures;
  • A provision of primary care;
  • A following the instructions of the doctor;
  • Separate directions for the work of a nurse require additional training for certain manipulations for medical purposes.

How to become a nurse or a medical brother

There are several types of training programs. The initial stage of professional education can be obtained at a medical college. Graduates of the ninth and eleventh grades have the opportunity to enter college. Students of this college after graduation receive a diploma of a junior specialist in the fields of “Paramedic” and “Obstetrician”.

Bachelor’s degree can be obtained at higher medical universities. Entrants to this type of university have the right to both graduates of the eleventh classes of the school, as well as graduates of medical colleges. You can get medical education in such areas as “Medical Case”, “Nursing”, “Obstetric Case”. There are a daytime and distance learning form. All medical students have to practice in medical institutions even during the educational process.




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