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Exchange programs for Indians

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Student exchange programs

While studying at a university you may get a chance to participate in a student exchange program. If to talk about foreign universities, don’t hesitate and use a given chance. Exchange programs are available for many years and they enable Indians to gain knowledge abroad.

There are a lot of other projects for students to visit European countries managed by organizations such as European voluntary service (EVS), Erasmus, Erasmus+. They are responsible for sharing experience, learning culture, habits and have a goal to improve education. Unfortunately, Indian international ties with continents, except North America, are not set up on a good level. Unlike other countries, it is better to open new horizons for Indians and make more projects in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

exchange programs

A good example is that a senior American education official will visit India to develop an international teacher and student exchange program among the Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and the US state of Indiana. So American students, especially from Indiana State have an opportunity to study culture of India deeply. This will be the very first initiative by Indiana with India.  It is not widespread between American students however, in the state of Indiana it’s gaining in popularity. Indiana State is informing students about the diversity of cultures, and showcase international citizen communities in Indiana. Since 2016, Indiana is the second state after California where Indian history has become part of public schools’ history books curriculum.

There are also an interesting offers for Indians in Poland. India and Poland share a long-standing friendly relationship, marked by high level political contacts, vibrant economic engagement and a strong defense partnership. Diplomatic relations between Poland and India were established in 1954, leading to the opening of Embassy of India in Warsaw in 1957.  The two countries shared union, common ideological perceptions. Poles are given scholarships under ICCR schemes to study in India every year. Nearly 100 Polish officials have availed of the ITEC capacity building training since 2007. Students from India have been studying in Poland on private basis in areas of education such as medicine, engineering, town planning, ship-building, and coal-mining. The number of such students from India has climbed to over 2500.

Medical programs are most popular. Medical universities of Poland are famous with their high level of knowledge. Not only Polish go to study there, but also citizens of different European countries. Polish medical universities are most popular among Scandinavians, because of the highest level of knowledge and comparably low cost of education.

What is the purpose of student exchange programs?

Firstly, this is a unique chance to get an interesting education. Apart from improving knowledge, students may advance their language skills, visit historical monuments, gain invaluable experience and positive emotions for a significant period of time. Secondly, they get an opportunity to earn some money. That’s why programs of Poland are so interesting for youth of India.
There are several types of student exchange programs:
1. Educational student exchange program – provides an opportunity to study at a foreign university for some time. This experience of education significantly expands the worldview of modern youth, forms its mobility and competitiveness, professionalism in the modern labor market, both within India and abroad.
2. Cultural student exchange program – provides meeting with traditions and culture of a country. This option is also appropriate for learning a language.
3. Internship – gaining necessary skills and knowledge for a specialist.
Everyone chooses a program, which is best for him/her.


Student exchange programs are invaluable experience for everyone

These days there are student exchange programs of the most different specializations. Such programs are most popular among international medical students that want to gain knowledge in European countries with different level of education and visit them to see all majestic historical monuments. Medical students participating in student international programs are offered a job, which may help them improve their knowledge, learn Polish as well as advance the level of English.
It often happens that students initially wanted to get admitted to a Polish medical university but, due to some reasons they couldn’t manage that. That’s why student exchange programs are perfect for every student who wants to improve his/her knowledge and make his/her future. Who knows, maybe visit an internship abroad will change them and students will get an opportunity to stay in Poland or receive an interesting offer in their country.

Youth programs are very important in keeping education and union between countries on a high level. This is a necessary part in the modern society, where borders are erased.

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