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MBA schools of India train specialists inappropriate for work

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MBA schools of India train specialists inappropriate for workOver half of MBA graduates in India don’t have professional administration skills and are inappropriate for work after graduation. The demand for professional personnel in the sphere of administration in this country is at the low level. This is because of poor economic dynamics, as well as inconsistency between summer curriculum and industrial capacity of the country.

According to estimates of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), there are about 5000 administration institutes in the whole country. Approximately 200 000 Indian students graduated from them in 2016-2017, but less than a half of them could find a job in line with their qualification.

This tendency made AICTE officials concerned. According to them, this regularity has occurred as a result of market mechanisms. At this point the curriculum doesn’t correspond with the field requirements and that’s why most MBA graduates are inappropriate for work. But as soon as the problem became obvious and understandable for the society, specialists decided to upgrade the curriculum.

Staff experts pointed out that while the vacancy market is on hold, the quality of preparation of graduates gives rise to concern, because they have neither experience nor job.

The industry of administration is looking for people ready to work, but most MBA graduates are not professionals in their sphere.

An old curriculum is not the only reason of unemployment among graduates of administration field. Demand for personnel grows when there is economic development in the country, which we can’t say about India.

There is the only solution possible – to get education abroad with the purpose to stay there. Or, at least, to gain knowledge, which is applicable and in demand at the Indian labor market. In fact, real specialists are respected and welcomed in any country of the world.

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