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Cyber Society 2022: The worst and most useless professions in four years and which jobs will be replaced by machines and robots.

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The worst and most useless professionsRobotic systems, automatic machines and electronic calculations, which were written by science fiction writers and Hollywood films, have become virtually a reality. Interesting news about what jobs are in the demand and most popular in the coming years were reported at the largest World Economic Forum recently held in the city of Tianjin, China. Modern innovations in technology already fundamentally change production processes, replace workers and radically change people’s participation in this process. Artificial intelligence (AI) is capable to perform various tasks- from consultations about flower cultivation to calculating super-difficult mathematical tasks or the activities of a large complex company.
For example, in New York, a robot-doctor is able to perform MRI heart analysis in 15 seconds, while a doctor needs at least 45 minutes to do this procedure. So, Scientific American reported that the work successfully helps to perform complicated surgeries with a minimum invasive procedure.

Looks like the same story with journalists and lawyers. For example, programmers of JPMorgan Chase & Co financial services company have created a contract intelligence COIN Software, which is engaged in checking contracts. The robot does this job in a matter of seconds, while lawyers spend 360,000 hours on it. The Washington Post is the first of its kind to carry out polls and collect information, which greatly facilitates the work of journalists. Another bot analyzes publications on their virulence and helps journalists make them better and better in real-time.
The tests of a motorized autopilot already are quite successful. This will help reduce the number of pilots on board. There are already many examples similar to this, which means that by this time we live in Cyberworld.

There were about 313 heads of big companies and the world largest businesses at the World Economic Forum in China. These businesses support about 15 million jobs. After collecting the relevant data and conducting of the survey, it turned out that according to the forecasts of specialists, by 2022, robots will fulfill up to 42% of the functions in the labor market. While the remaining 58% of functions will be left to the people. The report also states that by the year 2018, already robots are executing up to one-third of tasks at workplaces, and by 2025 this number will reach up to 52%. That is, the robots are already displaced people out and are getting the first place in the labor market all over the world.

But don’t make such quick, hasty conclusions about the supremacy of artificial intelligence over the humans. Robots do and will roll over only routine work- this is about 75 million jobs. But someone supposes to monitor robots, machines. For this matter, and a work, that can only be handled just by the human brain in real time, 133 million jobs will be created. As a result, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR) is coming sooner than later.

This FIR is happening faster than any other, we should not only be prepared but we should be changed agents and leaders, or be ready to disappear.
As proceedings of World Economic Forum say, for every new specialist who should work in 2022, additional training is required for 101 days. Soon there will be new methods of work that will require the recruitment of new specialists.

Researchers believe that youth of today need to remain competitive in the labor market. To be successful in that, you must take personal responsibility for the course and major of your study, as well as be prepared to live in the rhythm of continuous updating of existing knowledge.

To get a more complete picture of the new job market, the KudaPostupat portal offers you the list of TOP-10 specialties that will be popular as well as required in the coming years:
1. Analysts;
2. Scientists;
3. Machine Learning Engineers;
4. Artificial Intelligence Specialists;
5. Software Engineers;
6. Application Developers;
7. Marketers;
8. Products and Services Sale Specialists;
9. Big Data Experts;
10. IT Specialists.

We also suggest reconsidering the list of occupations that are beginning to “die” already today, because the humans are actively replacing by the AI. These specialties include:
· Offices specialists;
· Secretaries and executive assistants;
· Clerks;
· Accountants and Auditors;
· Postal Workers;
· Manufactures Workers;
· Administrators;
· Managers;
· Support service providers.

Less important for workers of future, as was said on World Economic Forum, determined skills and qualities such as physical fitness of employees, endurance, writing skills, reading and language skills, monitoring, data collection and analysis, managerial skills, active listening skills, and personal control.
Employers of the future will hire employees with critical and analytical thinking skills, with the ability to think logically and take the initiative, with the presence of emotional intelligence and the potential to solve complex problems, with creative thinking skills and innovation vision, with the capability to learn on the regular base and improve themselves. The list is not easy to accomplish but in order to be competitive in the future, you really have to try.
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