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Medical universities of Poland for Indian students

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Medical universities of Poland for Indian students

Without a doubt, many Indian students interested in medicine want to study abroad to get better education and have a chance to get practical knowledge. According to the researches, many Indian doctors are educated to the level of secondary school and don’t have any medical qualification which is required. Therefore, Indian students want to improve the situation and get the needed qualification outside the borders of the country. One of the most perspective destinations for the students from India is Europe, that’s why many school leavers have a burning desire to study in medical universities of European countries and have an interest in the requirements needed for the admission.

The list of medical universities of Poland for Indian students

The list of medical higher educational institutions of Poland includes eleven universities:

  1. Wroclaw Medical University.
  2. Medical University of Warsaw.
  3. Pomeranian Medical University.
  4. Medical University of Lodz.
  5. Poznan University of Medical Sciences.
  6. Medical University of Lublin.
  7. Jagiellonian University Medical College
  8.  Medical University of Silesia.
  9.  Medical University of Gdańsk.
  10. Medical University of Bydgoszcz (UMK).
  11.  Medical University of Bialystok.

State medical universities of Poland school leavers to get admitted on the following terms:

– as foreigners;

– as citizens of Poland;

– according to the government scholarship program.

Education for foreign students at medical universities in Poland for Indian students

It is evident that the admission process in each European university is different. For this reason, let’s consider such European countries as Armenia and Georgia. Students from India who are willing to study and get education in these countries do know that apart from the degree course in the universities of the countries mentioned you must also pass an exam given by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and get the confirmation (certificate) of medical practice in India as MBBS doctors because MCI recognizes only the MBBS degree. Once the student completes the course in Armenia or Georgia it is obligatory for all the degrees and certificates to be apostilled with the Ministers of Education of these countries.  It is a mandatory term of MCI and adjacent organizations. That’s why students from India should be very attentive if they want to study in European countries.

Medical education in such European country as Poland can also be rather beneficial for Indian students because the prices of studying are more democratic than in other European countries.

This is a perfect opportunity for Indian students since they don’t need to pass the admission tests. The competition of the admission board is held on the basis of the certificates of complete secondary education. If needed, the board can also conduct an interview. In case Indian students want to study in English they must confirm the level of the language. Considering the prices at medical universities of Poland, they much depend on a university and the language of studying –  it can be Polish or English. Studying in Polish will obviously be cheaper.

Taking into consideration all above mentioned, students from India must be very careful and attentive in terms of choosing the university of medical education. In order to avoid mishaps Indian students must understand that being well-informed and provident is a key to success.

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