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The most comfortable study destination for Indians: Germany or Poland?

Germany, as before, remains one of the most popular and inexpensive countries where Indian students can get a quality European education. Hundreds of schools in India have signed up to teach students German as their primary foreign language as part of an effort by Germany’s top technical colleges to attract more Indian students. There is a big community of Indians in Germany. 40 thousand people from India live in Germany.

Diploma of the German University will adorn any resume and present brilliant career prospects. Germany is the benchmark in innovation, it is among the top five countries in terms of GDP, export volume and quality of life. The stable growth of these indicators is largely due to the educational system. Studying in Germany for Indian students is an opportunity to look inside to the most powerful economy in the world, to get acquainted and adopt some positive qualities from pedantic Germans, to receive high quality education in English at a cost acceptable to Indians. For Indians who do not know the German language, there are training programs in English.

Studying here is a chance to get high quality education at an affordable price. On average, the cost of the semester is 1000-1500 EUR, however there are also free programs. For Indian students, in addition to price, studying abroad has a number of advantages:  the ability to perfect the communication and writing skills in German and English; in the framework of educational programs abroad, internships are held for foreigners in large companies; learning and living in the most fascinating cities of the country.

Recent news shows that an annual analysis ranks Germany as the best choice for international students within a table of 30 European study destinations. The ranking is based on scores in three areas: Education, Cost, and Life & Career. Other European destinations ranked among the top 10 are the UK, France, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, and Poland.

The Cost dimension considers affordability across a number of areas, including cost of living, housing, and average tuition fees.  Among all universities in Germany the cost of training in them is purely symbolic.

Poland on the move

In 2015, Poland announced a target to host 100,000 international students by 2020, and it is steadily working on improving its offer to foreign students. Now Indian student can extend the right to live on any convenient day of legal stay in Poland; a new permit is issued not after 30, but in 15 days; the right to stay for Indian students of the first year of the university and students who are in Poland for less than a year is issued for 15 months instead of 12; from the 2nd year of the Polish higher education institution, Indian students receive a residence permit for 2 years; simplify the job! After graduation from the university Indians can apply and stay in the country for a whole year to find work in Poland. Brexit is likely to accelerate Poland’s success in attracting international students, as they are looking for alternatives to studying in the UK.

Each country has its strengths and its weaknesses. There are no countries that are consistently among the best for Indians, or among the worst, for every single input factor. However, considering the country which is the most comfortable for studying students from India is Germany.

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