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Education abroad – European universities for Indian students

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Nowadays most people with diplomas from universities are often involved in completely different spheres of activities. Therefore, it seems that five years of studying are for nothing and the obtained education doesn’t bring any positive results. However, the situation is different with those who manage to get higher education in other states in Europe. It is much easier to find an appropriate and well-paid job in a proper field for people with diplomas from European universities.

When it comes to higher education, the best destination one can imagine is a European university with such a desirable scholarships and grants. One of the best examples of a country which leads a pro-European educational politics is India. Almost 50,000 Indian students have already chosen universities of Europe as their main priorities. They want to study better and to be sure that the education obtained will help them in their future career goals. Students from India have a big variety of European universities to choose from – there are more than 4,000 institutions in Europe with skillful teachers and academics who wait for students every year to come. That is why, taking into consideration the fact that many Indian students are willing to study in European universities a lot of exchange programs and projects concerning education  have been established to let Indian students pursue their dreams and study in Europe. Indians can get scholarships and other funding opportunities possible in the EU for building better future for the country and for themselves. Many grants have already been given to Indians to continue studying and working in Europe.

The authorities of both India and the EU are interested in further cooperation in the sphere of education. That is why, the EU funding promotes exchange programs for Indian students and establishes a partnership with many Indian institutions. One of the greatest opportunities for students from India is an educational program Erasmus+, which allows scholars from around the world study in European universities and get valuable experience. Being financed by the European government, Erasmus+ promotes collaboration between India and The European union. In this way European countries want to share their experiences with Indian institutions for building a better system of education in India.

Getting higher education in preferred countries for free is quite a real opportunity for a student rather than a myth judging from the example with India. This is the reason why students examine this issue to find out a list of preferred countries offering unpaid cooperation for foreign students. The EU countries including Greece, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia can suggest scholarships and grants, which makes their destination more preferable for a student.

To get an opportunity to study in Europe with a preferred funding you should find out about special programs offered by study centers abroad. As it has already been mentioned, Erasmus is one of them. However, there are many other programs and projects that can help you find the needed counties and institutions.

These programs have the advantages including:

  • an opportunity to get free education at state institutions of such countries as Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia etc.;
  • diplomas of these universities are recognized in any country around the world;
  • every student can make his/her own schedule of classes and have an opportunity to get scholarships and find a part-time job;
  • after graduating from a university one can continue education in the internationally respected institutions in United States of America, Canada or Australia;
  • during studies a student has a chance to be a part of a culture and customs of a country, to take part in various projects that contribute to his/her the personal growth.
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