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How an Indian citizen can get a visa to enter Europe and Ukraine

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Visa for Indian students to enter UkraineIf you are an Indian citizen and you want to study in a European country, you need to process a student visa. It is not that difficult to get it as it seems, but an Indian student will have to prepare some documents.

Student visa – is an official permit to enter the territory of a country an Indian student has no relation to. Foreigners from India get such kind of a document aiming to go abroad to get education.

The first question that comes up to an Indian citizen is where he/she can get a student visa to study in Europe. Authorities dealing with issuing visas are representative offices of European countries in India.

An Indian student can start processing such document immediately after getting a notification from a university about his/her enrollment. The first thing an Indian citizen has to do is to queue up to visit a visa application center. It is possible to do that in person or online.

Submission of documents for consular consideration Submission of documents for consular consideration is also possible in by email. This is convenient because you don’t have to go to the embassy in India and wait in a long queue with other students who want to get a student visa just like you.

A set of documents you might need:

  • visa application;
  • passport (foreign and Indian);
  • official invitation from a university;
  • short characteristics of an Indian student;
  • document confirming an academic degree;
  • document confirming the knowledge of a language you are going to (if required);
  • confirmation of availability of financial means for studying and living abroad;
  • student certificate of insurance;
  • photos.

Requirements for getting a visa can differ depending on the country an Indian student is going to. However, there are basic requirements that are usually common for all countries.

A representative office of a country in India can consider a student application within 21 business days.

After submission of documents a student has to move on to the next step – an interview with a consul. Usually, during an interview a representative of the embassy asks about the reason an Indian chose this country for studies and also asks to tell about his/her interests. In addition, he/she may ask about some facts from history of a country or check the knowledge of its culture and traditions.

It should also be mentioned that according to the Visa code a 100% reason for issuing an annual student visa is paying a tuition fee by an Indian student.
It should be noted that Indian citizens often don’t have to prove their knowledge of a language, since many European universities offer them to study in English, instead of their national language. This is another reason why Indian students choose European universities.

Visa for Indian students to enter UkraineVisa for Indian students to enter Ukraine

To get to the territory of Ukraine, an Indian student has to get an entry permit. In this case it is a student visa. It is issued to Indians for the period of 1 year and it may be extended.

The procedure of visa processing to enter Ukraine doesn’t differ fundamentally from getting an entry permit to other European countries. The mandatory condition is availability of an invitation from the Ministry of Education or a university.

According to Ukrainian state center of international education nowadays over 6000 Indian students get higher education in Ukraine. This tendency means that visa issue is not a stumbling rock in the process of admission of Indian citizens to Ukrainian universities. Indian students mostly choose medical and engineering areas of study.

Several recommendations from HindustanEducation.com

An Indian citizen who decided to study abroad should not postpone visa processing. We recommend contacting the embassy of a country you are planning to go in India in advance and find out the requirements for getting a visa, amount of a visa fee and time period for issuing. Having all this information you will be able to plan your actions and get your visa on time before the beginning of studies abroad.

Check whether you entered data in a visa application form correctly. If a consul finds any mistakes when considering your documents, their correction will significantly delay the process of issuing a student visa.

So, to get a student visa to enter Europe or Ukraine an Indian student has to get through several mandatory steps: get an invitation from a university, apply to a visa application center in India, pay fees and have an interview with a consul. Experience has proven that an Indian student doesn’t usually have problems with getting a visa document enabling him/her to study abroad.

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