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Countries for getting education in English

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English is the most popular language in the world. It is taught in schools, higher educational institutions because lots of people think that it will be useful. In most European countries and worldwide English is the language for getting educated. Higher educational institutions make curricula in English and this is the right decision. English is an international language, which is common in many countries worldwide. Our informational portal KudaPostupat can help you find countries to get education in English.

Naturally, English-speaking countries provide studying in English. These are:

  • Great Britain;
  • The USA;
  • Australia;
  • Canada.

Let’s consider countries, where English is not the main language, but where you can use it for studying. They are:

  • Sweden;
  • Holland;
  • Finland;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Italy;
  • Norway;
  • Spain.


This country is inhabited by lots of English-speaking people, which is a huge advantage for foreign students. Young people come to this country to get higher education, since everyone knows about development of scientific and technological progress, innovations of Sweden. Many educational institutions offer foreign students studying in English. There are more than a thousand of curricula available in Sweden in English.  Moreover, these curricula are not only for masters, but for bachelors as well.  To become a student of a Swedish university and study in English you need to:

  • pass a language exam. IELTS or TOEFL certificates will prove that a future student has proper knowledge and can further study in The minimum score for applicants passing TOEFL – 90, IELTS – 6.5;
  • provide documents for entering a university. They must be translated into These documents include:
  • Secondary school certificate;
  • Supplements to the certificate;
  • For Ukrainians – EIT (external independent testing) results, for Russians – USE results (uniform state exam).

So, Sweden attracts foreign students with the amount of universities conducting classes in English. This fact quite increases the level of Swedish education. It is interesting to note that a foreign pupil will also be able to study here at school or college in English. If such foreigner wants to learn Swedish, he/she can attend Swedish courses affiliated with educational institutions.


This country is not English speaking, but has lots of higher educational institutions taught in English. Holland is the first non English speaking country in the world, universities of which made curricula in English. And there are more than 2000 of them. This is also influenced by the fact that many people in the Netherlands speak English. It is a great opportunity for a foreign student to adapt to studying and living in this country. To enter Dutch university and study in English you need to:


  • Pass English exam – TOEFL or IELTS tests. The minimum score for applicants passing TOEFL – 80, IELTS – 6.0;
  • Provide the necessary package of documents:
  • Secondary school certificate;
  • Motivation letter;
  • CV;
  • For master’s applicants: Bachelor’s diploma and two recommendation letters.

Documents must be translated into English and the copies must be certified by a notary. This is a standard package of documents, but each educational institution can ask for additional documents.

So, Holland is a very popular country among foreign applicants. Sometimes half of the total amount of students here can be foreigners. Such popularity of this country can be explained by the fact that educational institutions don’t have special requirements to foreigners and have many curricula in English.


This country is famous for the quality of education provided by higher educational institutions and cheap fees. Classes are conducted in Finnish and English. There are also over 450 curricula in English. So, this is an excellent opportunity for foreigners to become students of higher educational institutions in Finland. Let’s go through our informational portal KudaPostupat and find out everything you need to enter Finnish university and study in English:

  • Application;
  • Secondary school certificate;
  • TOEFL or IELTS results certifying the level of English skills. Some universities require only TOEFL or even a simple language exam;
  • Motivation letter.

All documents must be translated into English.


So, Finland is a country where a foreigner can obtain higher education studying in English. What issues may arise when entering a higher educational institution? For faster adaption to the country it is advisable to know Finnish. It’s one of the hardest languages in the world and it is usually problematic to learn it. If to talk about finances, a foreigner has to have at least 6700 EUR to be in Finland. After graduating the educational institution, foreigners don’t have the right to stay and work there.



This country accepts lots of foreign students to its universities. As for the amount of students coming to study here, France is only inferior to England and the USA. France has universities with the leading positions in the world. With such an amount of foreign students from various countries, there is of course an opportunity to study in English. There are more than 600 English speaking curricula in the country. Requirements to applicants are quite simple. They need:


  • Secondary school certificate. A foreign applicant can enter French universities immediately after graduating the 11th form;
  • Pass a test and get IELTS certificate to prove English skills;
  • CV;
  • Motivation letter.

Documents must be translated into English by a certified translator.

So, over 300,000 foreign students go to France to get high quality of education and diplomas of European recognition. Universities and “higher schools” offer studying in two languages or English only. The opportunity to study in the language you know and learn French at the same time often seems attractive to foreigners.


This country is a leader in the amount of foreign students in German higher educational institutions. The most attractive fact here is free education. But you have to know German. To make it comfortable for foreign students and increase their amount, German universities implemented curricula in English. Any foreigner has chances to obtain high quality of education in Germany, even if he/she doesn’t know German. To enter a German university you need:

  • Secondary school certificate;
  • Diploma or academic record about 2 years of studying at university;
  • Certificate of English skills;
  • Motivation letter.

Documents must be translated into English and the copies must be certified by a notary.

So, a foreign student has a great choice of departments to study in English. German universities prepared many specializations for foreigners to study in English. This fact not only catches attention of students from other countries, but also promotes English among German citizens. After graduating and getting a diploma of European recognition a student has a great chance to get employed in any country worldwide.


This country is vivid, hospitable, and romantic and it attracts foreigners with delicious cuisine and magnificent views. The quality of higher education is not worse than other competitive countries. The process of studying is mostly in Italian, but it is also possible to get educated in English.


It is interesting that some universities don’t require applicants to provide English certificates. They pass an exam at the university, which proves their skills. However, the list of documents necessary for student visa includes a language certificate. You can study at Italian universities in two languages: English and Italian. Prior to entering Italian university, a student has to spend one year studying at the university in his/her native country. There are no special requirements to entering Italian universities. But every university may have its own nuances.

So, if a person is creative and is dreaming to study in one of the pretties countries of Europe, he/she should definitely go to Italy. Every foreign student pursues his/her own goals when coming to Italy. However, after graduating the only thing joining all of them is high quality of knowledge and a diploma of European recognition.


The sphere of research and science development in Norway takes the leading positions in the world. But this is not the only thing Norway attracts students with. Beautiful landscapes, free education, no entrance tests for many specializations, diploma of European recognition – are factors that influence foreigners while choosing the country for getting education. Students have an opportunity to study in English in Norway. To enter Norwegian higher educational institution you need to have the following documents:


  • Secondary school certificate:
  • Certificate of English skills. These can be IELTS, TOEFL or any other international certificate.

Each university can set its own requirements to a package of documents. That’s why you should be careful when reading admission rules.

If a student knows English and is dreaming of getting educated in the Scandinavian country, he/she should go to Norway. Studying here has lots of advantages. High living standards and quality of education, free education and beautiful nature attract students worldwide.



This country is known for many highly rated educational institutions. Higher education obtained in Spain is valued worldwide. It is possible to study in Spain in English. This country required a standard package of documents:

  • Secondary school certificate or bachelor’s diploma;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Recommendation letter;
  • Certificate of English skills – TOEFL or

So, it is possible to get educated in Spain in English. After graduation Spanish educational institutions can provide foreigners with:

  • High quality of professional education;
  • International diploma;
  • New connections and interests.


These days many students worldwide want to get education in English. Higher educational institutions in European countries try to help foreigners and implement curricula in English. Such actions have advantages for foreigners and the country in general:

  • Foreign students who know English don’t have to learn another foreign language. Living in a European country and studying in English, it is possible to learn the language of the country without any special time limits;
  • Education in European countries is much cheaper than education in English speaking ones. This is the reason why foreign students choose European countries for getting educated in English;
  • Knowing English is enough for studying and living in any country of the world. The language is common and intercontinental;
  • Universities of the country which use English for conducting classes are becoming more and more popular among higher educational institutions worldwide. Ratings are growing together with the amount of foreign students;
  • Great amount of foreign students influence economic growth in the country.


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