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How social networks impact on the choice of college applicants

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Social networks in educationInternet communication is an important part of young people’s lives. A few years ago, exchanging information with strangers was much more complicated. But Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have managed to completely turn our thinking over the possibilities of communication and information exchange.
It is difficult to imagine a modern student who does not use contemporary digital technologies or has no account at least in one social network. The youth uses Facebook, Twitter not only to get useful information but also to follow the life of the chosen university.
More reliable information about college or university was possible only through printed publications, official manuals before. Every university was closely monitored for its reputation and appreciation. Recent studies show that 83% of entrants choose their future institution precisely because of their reputation in social networks.

Virtual reality

To date, most educational institutions have their official pages in social networks. On these channels, not only official information is published, but they show both the lives of the institution and students’ everyday life, informal lessons and a lot of interesting things. You can find the account of the chosen college, using hashtags, or go to the link from the official website.
Data from the National Center confirms that college applicants receive the most important information about college from Facebook. The second place is Twitter. Future students most often seek information about universities there and can ask any questions from students who are already studying there.

Modern universities are not lagging behind social networks, so they publish popular hash-tags that anyone can learn about what his or her students write in social media. For example, the University of Oxford has a hashtag, where you can find tweets about the lives of their students. The University of Swansea has created a hashtag, following which you can find out what the graduates of this institution say about it.
Students can find information about all aspects of the college life from websites like WhatUni, UniStats, and Student Room and others.

Always free access

Foreign students, who want to apply to UK universities can use popular social networks to chose ones. Before making the final decision, the applicants may not always have the opportunity to visit the chosen university.  Social networks can help as never before in this case. After all, everyone can learn all the necessary information, see photos and student entries through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  This trend is confirmed by the 2017 International Student Survey Report.

Official university accounts in social networks are designed to inform participants, as well as to apply for tuition. The University of Bradford began using the official Facebook page to receive enrollment requests. This way of contacting college applicants also helps to determine that that one and only college.

But there is also some danger, because of a risk of falling into non-existent institutions, fake pages in social networks, false testimonies and counterfeit diplomas. Therefore, despite a reliability of Internet communications, the general security, security of personal data, we don’t recommend filing applications on questionable sites.

Facebook or Twitter are also important for helping you to check on the chosen university. Of course, official information can be obtained on the websites of universities. But to find out the informal assessment of students, alumni reviews and conduct their own investigation of unofficial life in college or university can be found only on social networks.
Studying at the university is one of the most beautiful periods of your life, a good life experience, new knowledge and new acquaintances. And right now, the period when social networks help to decide where to go to study. Facebook and Twitter can change the lives of young people because they simplify decision-making and provide free access to any information.

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