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Education program for Indian public officers 

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Education program for Indian public officers In many countries, including India public officers work in poor conditions and, as a result, they get low salaries. The Hague Academy for Local Governance in the Netherlands offers young people from the developing countries and countries of Eastern Europe that don’t belong to the EU to take part in the education program “Talents for Governance”.

The program consists of 4 components that have a common subject: a two-week training course in the Hague Academy, internship in the Dutch municipality, online events and self-education. At the end of the program its members will learn new methods and approaches useful at public service, know modern trends focused on the development of local communities.

Young promising public officers, employees of the governing bodies from developing countries, including Indians can become members of such program. They have to be well-motivated, willing to improve their professional skills and also aim for the development of government institutions of their countries.

The grant covers the cost of education, travelling, accommodation in the Netherlands and most part of common expenses. Members have to pay a participation fee in the amount of 150 Euros.

Requirements to the candidates:

  • work in the local government;
  • be under the age of 37 at the moment of submitting an application form;
  • have at least 2 years of experience in the sphere of local governance;
  • be literate and smart, know how to motivate for work and protect your interests;
  • have communicative skills in English;
  • have good recommendation from your employer.

It should be mentioned that the program is focused on public officers working in the medical, educative, police or military sphere, which are of big importance for modern India.

Once members return home they have to implement their plan Back Home Action, which they will be developing during the program “Talents for Governance”. The process of project implementation will be monitored by experts from the Hague Academy.

You can read the program rules in details here.

Online registration of those willing to take part in the program “Talents for Governance” will be available until the 1st of December of this year.

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