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Do You Have Problem with IELTS Test? These Books Will Help You

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  1. Introduction
  2. Self-reliant hunt for textbooks for the IELTS test preparation
  3. Preparation and Practice Testing for IELTS
  4. Top recommended publications for the IELTS test preparation by Kydapostupat portal


We do not have problems with books to prepare you for successfully passing this test nowadays. Before 2000 it was a big problem to get ready independently, without the tutor, to get a good score for IELTS test. After all, there were only books published by the Cambridge University Press, which could be trained in the passing the old style tests.

The situation has changed dramatically in recent years. Now the problem is not in the amount of literature but in quality of one. Virtually every British publisher, and not just them, seeks to issue books for test preparation. So, it’s easy to be confused, or even lost to choose the books that will land a hand in this matter.

Besides, even language pro can be confused to find excellent one on the Internet because of then the exaggeration of accessible textbooks.

That is why you can often get to the IELTS training courses, where teachers use questionable literature. As a result of these courses, students receive inaccurate information and not fully relevant knowledge necessary for the successful completion of the IELTS test.

Self-reliant hunt for textbooks for the IELTS test preparation

The most acute problem of book saturation appears when a student or entrant tries to pick up textbooks for preparing for IELTS independently. In the end, the situation “the more, the better” turns into endless searches for resolving disputes that have arisen due to the excess of inaccurate information. Also, it leads to the spread of myths about preparing for the IELTS test. The student, after all, will fall into such a situation when the knowledge gained will be controversial, which will lead not to pass the test successfully.

The Kydapostupat portal has prepared its TOP most relevant IELTS test books that should work

both for self-training and as additional sources for information for English-language courses

Preparation and Practice Testing for IELTS

To put together with preparation to this test, you can try IELTS self-testing. You don’t need to register somewhere for that, you just need to download some examples of question forms and a find a timer. This will help you better focus on tasks, determine your level of training and get used to time constraints.

Although quite often students, who have already completed the IELTS test, say that the questionnaire for trial testing differs from the actual ones. Some argue that practice testing was much easier, for other preparatory tasks were much more complex than the test itself.

For IELTS testing we recommend the books of Cambridge University Press:

  1. Cambridge Practice Tests For IELTS Series (1 – 13) Self-Study Student’s Book With CD.
  2. Cambridge IELTS Trainer With Answers (Ebook & Audio)
  3. Official IELTS Practice Materials Volume 1 & 2 (Ebook & CD)

You can find practice tests for both the academic level of knowledge and for the simple training of students’ knowledge in these books.

Kudapostupat portal recommend you these IELTS test preparation publications:

  1. Let’s start with basic. The most important book when you do prepare for this test is “Longman Exams Dictionary” by Addison W Longman. It’s not just a book that contains a glossary of terms and words. The main benefit of this book is to help understand the difference between written and oral English. The dictionary has sections that are designed to study British English, expanded vocabulary terms that are most commonly used for the IELTS test, as well as hints for writing an essay in English. The most important advantage of the “Longman Exams Dictionary” is that it gives an explanation of those words, which most students make mistakes.
  2. Second place is the series of books by the Cambridge publishing house “New Insight into IELTS Student’s Book Pack” by Jakeman, Vanessa, McDowell, Clare. The entire series of books is intended for self-preparation for the exam, so they give you the materials to prepare for all types of testing, answer to some questions.
  3. We recommend you use for self-studying English and the successful compilation of the IELTS test is “101 Helpful Hints for IELTS” by Garry Adams. This one has really good structure as well as reveals some of the secrets of this test. Easy to learn by having a self-checking task, the level of difficulty rises to the level of your training.
  4. A series of books, “IELTS Practice Tests” from the Pearson Longman Collection, is intended for those who are preparing to get the highest marks in the test. They collected test problems of high complexity, which will be difficult to pass. So if you can get a note of at least 4 or 5 for your book assignments, you can expect a much higher score on the actual test.
  5. The collection of books for the preparation of the Oxford IELTS Preparation & Practice: Listening & Speaking is designed to prepare for the IELTS test. The books have collected quite a few examples of tasks from different parts of the exam. This material will be useful for those who seek more practice in performing test tasks right before the main one.
  6. Books from the Cambridge “IELTS Practice Tests” 1-9 series will also be useful for preparing and help you better adapt to the format of test questions. These books are particularly useful because they contain real tests that were used previously.
  7. A book that focuses on just one type of task is “Cambridge Grammar for IELTS with answers”. If your task is to enhance level of your English grammar, then this is the most suitable book for you.
  8. Another book, “Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS with answers”, designed to expand vocabulary, study complex terms, atypical cases, as well as distinct vocabulary that is used in the IELTS test.
  9. And our favorite one in our Top is “Common mistakes at IELTS intermediate… and How to Avoid Them”. Particularly this one lists a variety of “pitfalls” of the test, which will assist you as much as possible for the exam format, learning from other people’s mistakes. After all, it is quite common that students with a high level of knowledge of English receive low results precisely because of the lack of knowledge of the specificity of the test and its features.

An information portal for entrants and students Kudapostupat wish you to succeed in compiling the IELTS test. After all, we believe that good preparation is already half-way the success.

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