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Scholarship of the London University for Indian students 2018

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Deadline for application submission: June 13, 2018
Country: Great Britain
Participants: Indian students

Description of Manju Mehrotra scholarship

European universities

Every second Indian dreams about getting an education at a university of Great Britain. Manju Mehrotra scholarship is a great opportunity to try your luck and make your dream come true. Royal Holloway, London University offers Indian students two scholarships to do a Master’s degree.

Royal Holloway is a state research university at London University. Scholarships are given for studying at the following study programmes: MSc International Supply Chain Management, MSc Engineering Management and MSc Project Management

Scholarship will be paid to two Indian students in the amount of 10,000 GBP as a compensation of a tuition fee. The rest of expenses Indian students have to pay by themselves.

Requirements to candidates

To take part in the programme an Indian student has to apply first, which means he/she has to submit a required set of documents to the admission board. Scholarships may be given to Indian students with high academic performance, good command of English and those who will be able to convince the admission board that he/she is the best candidate for financial support.

To find out how to get Manju Mehrotra scholarship, visit the university web-site.

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