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Teaching English in Great Britain

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Teaching English in Great BritainThese days foreign language skills play an important role in human life, influence its achievements in career and education. English is taught starting from the first year at school, but often the level of language skills afterwards is insufficient to enter higher educational institutions of Great Britain or any other European country, not to mention employment abroad.

However, there is another proven and effective way to learn English – to get into the language environment.

Language schools in Great Britain

Years-long experience shows that most successful people take an English course in language schools of Great Britain. This option is perfect for adults and students. Of course, there are many such kinds of educational institutions in England, and before choosing the course of study you should consider a personal goal of the trip.

  • If you need English for entering higher educational institutions of Great Britain, EAP –English for Academic Purposes, is just the one for you.
  • When learning English for work purposes, choose courses for specific purposes. They specialize in business spoken and written language. For example, ESP – English for Specific Purposes.
  • For personal improvement of English, the best option for you is English as a Foreign Language.

You may check other options for learning English in Great Britain here.

However, like any other business, learning the language abroad has its advantages and disadvantages.

We can tell a lot about advantages of studying abroad, but the main of them include the fact of being surrounded by native speakers and regular use of your knowledge in practice.
Firstly, you will be in an English-speaking environment all the time. You will learn new words and common phrases automatically, because you will have to speak in English in stores, on the streets, in parks and public transport.

Secondly, by studying English in Great Britain you will learn correct pronunciation fast, because you will constantly hear everyday fluent speech of local citizens, without any accents or mistakes common to foreigners. You will not hear such speech in any local language courses.

If to talk about disadvantages of learning English abroad, usually they include financial issues. Expensive studying is often a stumbling block for a trip to England.

Self-studying of English Self-studying of English

Life situations can be different, and not everyone has an opportunity to take an English course in Great Britain due to financial or personal issues. In such case, if you need to learn the basics of English fast, use online programs or learn English with a teacher by Skype.

Daily classes, regular communication with your teacher in English, independent work on learning English – all of this will help you learn English fast without even leaving your native country.

Emphasizing everything mentioned above it is hard to escape a conclusion: if you want to acquire English quickly, you are brave enough and have financial possibilities, don’t hesitate and go to Great Britain to study English. This country has favorable atmosphere for life and studying.

But if due to some reasons you can’t go to England in order to learn its national language, don’t get upset. Nowadays, there are a huge variety of opportunities to learn a foreign language without even leaving home.

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