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The Polish language proficiency test

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The Polish language proficiency testWith the growing demand for education abroad, in particular in Poland, the need to learn Polish and English languages, where science is taught there, has also grown. This led to the opening of not only the preparatory courses for studying Polish as a foreign language at universities, but also the creation on the recommendation of Ming. Education in 3.07.2003 State Certification Commission for the Polish language.

It is worth noting that for training in universities of sports, art and music profiles, it is enough to confirm the knowledge of the Polish at the level of B1, for all other specializations the B2 level is already required.

The excitement is also fueled by the fact that in some European countries the certificate of knowledge of the Polish language as a foreign language allows you to get additional points when passing an exam conducted at the end of schooling. And also it is required at registration of the Card to Stay or citizenship.

The Polish language proficiency test will also have to be passed to those who wish to get an official job in Poland, since employers are also interested in this document lately if job duties include communication with Polish citizens.

So, for example, when finding a job on a medical profile, you need to know Polish at level B1, and state. Employees required – B2. More demanding in this regard is the real estate sector, for work in which it is necessary to present a certificate confirming the level of knowledge of the Polish C2.


Who can pass the certification test?

As such, there is no limit to passing the test to confirm knowledge of Polish, except for reaching the age of 16 years, and 18 for the level of C2. That is, any foreigner or a Pole who lives abroad can go through it if he wants or needs it.

Regardless of where and how the passing certification studied Polish, the requirements for passing the exam will be the same. Departures from the plan are possible only if the candidate is from among people with disabilities.

Automatically receive the certification level C2, or rather freed from the need for it in principle, students who received a master’s degree, after training in a Polish university majoring in “Polish Philology.”


studying in PolandHow is testing

Pass this exam is possible not only in Poland, but also in many cities of other countries. Usually it is held almost every month, except for winter ones. Testing takes place on a fee basis, and increases in each level. If the delivery is successful, you will still need to pay the certificate itself. The requirement to pass is to receive 24 points out of a possible 40 at each examination stage.

The certification test is conducted to confirm such levels of knowledge of the Polish language:
B1 (Threshold) – Medium or Threshold
B2 (Vantage) – above average
C2 (Mastery) – possession at the level of the native speaker

Stages of testing

Listening, in other words, the ability to understand spoken language. To test this skill, quests with questions will be issued, and then you will listen to a quality audio recording. The text will have to be listened to carefully, since the questions are rather chaotic and can be tricky.

Grammar. This test includes quite complex topics, including those on prepositions and numerals. The most controversial issues, ambiguous options, exceptions to the rules – all this will have to learn from and to, since you can not hope for easy tasks.

Checking the reading and comprehension skills of the text. At this stage, it’s easy to fall in on inattentiveness alone. Little will understand the test itself and the question to it, the necessary condition will be the logic and the ability to analyze.

Letter. There are several options to choose from, of which only one is needed. By the way, do not try to surprise with its verbosity, since no one will appreciate it, and most likely will not even read. So just perform the task clearly.

Oral speech. For those who can speak this stage can be the simplest. From what can be in the tasks – a photo for description, a test for reading and its discussions, questions requiring answers.



A certificate confirming the knowledge of the Polish language as a foreign language is issued only by the State Certification Commission. None of the other confirmations, certificates, diplomas and other documents received after passing the training anywhere have no legal effect.

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