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How to enter the Polish university independently

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How to enter the Polish university independentlyThe expression “not so terrible devil as he is painted” fully corresponds to the situation of entering a Polish university without intermediaries. In order to independently enroll in a university it is enough to find its official website in one of the online catalogs and contact the recruiting center of foreign students. If you do not find it on the site, then contact the selection committee or specify in the information support the address and name of the employee you need.

Since the educational institutions of Poland themselves are interested in attracting students from other countries, the personnel in the support centers work responsive and competent. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask them questions and ask for instructions on how to proceed. In most cases, you will not have to do anything difficult, and the only inconvenience in communication can be your own ignorance of the Polish language.

List of documents for admission to universities in Poland

  • Certificate of secondary education or a bachelor’s degree, a specialist, a master’s degree with additions (legalized originals). Official legalization, in other words apostille, is carried out by the Ministry of Justice in the country of residence and can take about two weeks. The results of the UPE when enrolling in Polish universities are not considered.
  • Translation of education documents into Polish, which is more profitable to do in Poland in a certified office, in order to avoid additional notarization and confirmation in the Consulate.
  • Photocopies of identity documents. For minors, the training agreement is formalized by a legal guardian, and copies of the parent pages of the parents’ passports and birth certificates are provided from the documents.
  • A questionnaire with the data requested by the university, which is most often present on the official website.
    Four photos measuring 3.5 by 4.5 cm. Requirements for the left profile – open ear without ornaments, no headgear, light background. Please note, these photos will be used in future in all student documents, including a ticket and a credit card.
  • Certificate of passing a standard medical examination with a translation into Polish. If additional surveys are necessary, the information should be stated on the website of the university.
  • Certificate of knowledge of the language chosen for training, at a level not lower than B1 (Polish, English). If you do not have it, you will have to take a test at the university itself.

The above is the minimum package of documents that is submitted to the admission committee of the university upon admission, and which can be supplemented by other items depending on the requirements of the institution.


Admission to Poland - registration via IRKAdmission to Poland – registration via IRK

When you receive on a paid basis or with a Pole’s card, the procedure is most often simplified and the receipt is online, which is very convenient, since it does not require arrival in Poland. To do this, there is a special IRK system, and a detailed instruction indicating where and at what time it can be used to submit documents is posted on the website that uses it to automate recruitment.

To create a personal account in the IRK system, you will need:

  • fill in all the fields of the form, taking into account whether you want to get a place in the hostel or not (this depends on the place of residence, citizenship).
  • attach all necessary scans of originals of documents on the education received and certified translation into Polish.
  • pay a one-time registration fee – for each chosen specialty a separate card is created, and therefore the fee is paid as many times as the number of directions is chosen. But in advance it is necessary to specify whether there is an opportunity to submit requests for more than one specialty.

It should be noted that in some universities or in certain specialties, an additional assessment of your knowledge and skills may be required, including acquaintance with the portfolio of works. Therefore, before making your choice, it is worth exploring the information on the university’s website in detail, and it is possible to review offers of similar educational institutions. First of all, it concerns creative directions of study (art, architecture, acting skills). But medical universities are likely to require the passing of exams at the level of the Polish “matura”.

Admission to a foreign universityAnd then it remains to wait for the passage of the selection and receive notice of the result. But just in case, you should regularly check your IRK account (if registration was conducted online) and the e-mail for communication indicated in the application for receipt, since the admissions committee may have questions to you or it will be necessary to clarify the information you have stated.
Received on the basis of the consideration of the decision on admission to the chosen specialty, you can use to open a student visa or a Card of repayment.
It is also important to understand that free education is only possible in Polish, and its knowledge will have to be proven after passing the entrance exam. In order not to waste time, you can pass the certification test for knowledge of Polish as a foreign language, which is issued only by the State Certification Commission. Today such a certificate can be obtained in many cities of different countries and there is no need to go to Poland.

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