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The political scientist

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The political scientist is a specialization that allows you to work in the field of political science. Such people are studying politics as a special sphere of life and activities of people. This area is connected with relations in government, as well as an analysis of events in political life.

The functions of a political scientist belong to the public sphere. Such people increase the political consciousness of the public, both the ruling elite and ordinary people. Politicians’ comments help the public to better understand what is happening in the political arena in the country and in the world, receive valuable information in a timely and understandable way.

Description of the profession

The main task of the political scientist is the study of the social sphere of life, which is related to politics. Political scientists are engaged in the study of political culture and behavior, the state system, power and its relations, political systems.

A specialist in the political sphere can work in positions such as:

  • A political technologist;
  • An analyst on political issues;
  • As a political scientist in research, scientific institutions, centers and groups;
  • A consultant and assistant to a deputy, in administrations, local self-government;
  • A specialist in the socio-political and humanitarian sphere of state and regional governments;
  • A political scientist, a specialist in political questions in public organizations, parties, associations, foundations;
  • An expert and commentator on the political sphere in the media;
  • A teacher of political science, social science and humanities.

A profession close to a political scientist is a political technologist. The main difference is the direct involvement of the latter in a variety of political events. The main task of the political technologist is to present his client (politics, party, organization) in the best light, which will ensure good results in the elections, increase the rating, increase the recognition of the object. On a positive image of a political person are also working sociologists, image-makers, speaker interpreters and so on.

Prospects for employment

Graduates of the Faculty of Political Science have the opportunity to get a job in institutes and independent think tanks. Specialists in the political sphere work successfully in public organizations, news agencies and mass media.


In addition to monitoring the political situation in the country and in the world, the collection and analysis of information, political scientists have to evaluate significant events and explain them to the public. Political scientists comment on current events on the radio, in newspapers and online publications, on television, in printed publications (newspapers, analytical articles, scientific articles), prepare and publish analytical materials, take part in meetings, discussions, conferences and round tables. It is also necessary to correctly assess the consequences of events in the political arena of the world, the political future of organizations, parties and politicians, prospects for the development of a country or organization, etc..

It is important for a political scientist to have personal qualities and skills that allow conducting sociological surveys, collecting and processing information, political analysis, the ability to apply mathematical methods and use the results of the analysis.


How to become a political scientist

To receive a diploma of a political scientist, you must have a bachelor’s and master’s degree from a chosen specialty. Students who study in the specialties “History of Political Science”, “Philosophy”, “International Politics” can get a Master’s Degree in the specialty “Political Science”.

Basic disciplines that are being studied by future political scientists:

  • Psychology;
  • Sociology;
  • Economy;
  • Culturology;
  • History;
  • Philosophy;
  • Pedagogy.

Immediately after graduating from the university, political scientists have to first gain experience in local self-government, through the duties of a deputy assistant. Some young political scientists start their careers in news agencies and printed publications on socio-political issues. Such specialists work as assistants, analysts, correspondents.

Revenues of the political scientist directly depend on the extent of the project on which this specialist works.


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