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Scholarship 2018: Studying in the School of Management in Great Britain

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Scholarship 2018: Studying in the School of Management in Great BritainDeadline for application submission: January 15, 2018
Country: Great Britain
Participants: students of all nationalities, including Indians

Description of UCL scholarship

UCL School of Management, which is situated in the heart of Great Britain – London, invites foreign students including Indians to study for free. The university offers financing of 5 years of studies (1 years MRes + 4 years of PhD) in different fields of study related to management and economic activities. Indian students can apply because the programme is open for all nationalities. The main thing is to meet all candidate requirements specified by organizers.

100% tuition fee in Great Britain during 5 years – is the reason why Indian students have to struggle for an opportunity to get UCL scholarship. Every year Indians that came to study at UCL School of Management are paid GBP 16,296 – 18,500 by the university, and this amount is not taxable. Participating in the programme, Indian students can get high quality of education in Great Britain for free.

The university is making efforts to extend boundaries of its cooperation and provide students from all over the world, including Indians with deep knowledge. When choosing scholarship holders the preference is given to candidates with a Bachelor’s degree obtained in a prestigious university of their native country, for example India.

UCL School of Management invites Indian specialists from various spheres of society (for example, engineering, economics, business, mathematics/statistics, psychology, sociology etc) for studying. Based on the results of a competition, the best candidates will study in Great Britain.

To become a participant of a scholarship programme an Indian student has to:

  • Fill in an application form on UCL School of Management web-site;
  • Complete autobiography and a CV-letter;
  • Attach an academic transcript;
  • Write a letter with the following information: area of study of interest, research interests and ideas, personal motivation.
  • Provide results of GRE/GMAT tests;
  • Provide a certificate confirming the level of English (IELTS/TOEFL), unless it is a native language.

Indian students are recommended to apply until February 15, 2018, although requests of highly motivates candidates may be considered after this date.

To find out how an Indian may apply for the scholarship programme, visit UCL School of Management web-site.

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