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The administrator profession

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The administrator is the behalf of the team. It is the person who manages the employees, the processes in the places and organizations, has the responsibilities of the manager of the company and acts in its interests. The main purpose of such a specialist is the ability to properly organize the activities of the whole organization, institution, team and establish productive work with visitors.

It is important for the administrator to be stress-tolerant, to have extraordinary concentration and attention to the smallest detail, flexible thinking and beautiful memory, to speak clearly and expressively, to exhibit extreme emotional stability, to promote goodwill, to demonstrate erudition and independence in decision-making, to be neat, resolute and organized.

It is impossible to underestimate the work of the administrator. Such specialists monitor the order, control the staff, and in unforeseen situations, they are able to respond quickly and solve the problem in a peaceful way. The administrator has to do everything to ensure that the client is satisfied with the service and has only received positive emotions after visiting the place.

Administrators should keep in touch with people: clients, staff, and leadership.

Description of the profession

This profession can be classified as the most ancient. It appeared even when restaurants and bars were taverns, and hotels were innes. It was the owner of such place who took on the responsibilities of the administrator. Such people met guests, managed the staff, had rules and monitored their implementation. During the period of the masters, the administrators performed the duties of governors in estates and enterprises. In organizations of Christians and Catholics, there were also administrators who carried out organizational work in the parishes.

In the modern world, administrators work in a variety of organizations that need to work with staff and products. For example, the administrators of a trading floor or restaurant are monitoring the work of the staff. They follow sellers, waiters, bartenders. The administrators control over the staff, how well their employees perform their duties in accordance with the declared standards.

This is one kind of administrators – managers. Such people have more responsibilities, and their tasks in organizations are more complex and responsible. Such administrators follow the work of merchandisers, have the authority to enter into agreements with business partners, and also provide such services as presentations, tastings, promotions, shows, etc.

In practice, it turned out that with the work of the administrator better cope women than men. Considering that the duties of such a specialist include not only staff control but also negotiation with potential clients, suppliers and partners, women are better able to find a common language. The unchanging tool in this work is the natural female charm. And men are more pleasant to communicate with the energetic and attractive representatives of companies.

Prospects for employment

Administrators are in demand in the modern job market in many ways. Such specialists can perform the following duties in various organizations:

  • Sphere of visitor’s service (hotels, cafes, restaurants, clubs, beauty salons, shops, etc.);
  • An office manager;
  • Institutions operating in different spheres of economic activity;
  • Organizers;
  • System administrators (work with computer equipment, local networks, servers);
  • Artist administrators.


The administrator is a kind of intermediary between the manager and the employees, suppliers, customers. That is why the duties of such a specialist include a variety of actions:

  • Meetings, advising, providing services to visitors, creating comfortable conditions for their stay;
  • Control over the property of the organization;
  • Avoiding and solving any conflict situations in a peaceful way;
  • Consider complaints, communicate with dissatisfied clients;
  • Carrying out organizing and technical works;
  • Tracking of premises, placing and updating of promotions that are holding indoors, on buildings and in mass media;
  • Control over the order, cleaning in the room and on the adjoining territory;
  • Control over compliance by employees with duties, compliance with labor discipline, save working practices, sanitary norms and hygiene;
  • Reporting the manual on the state of affairs, disadvantages in work, maintenance, control over their removal;
  • Control over the performance of the manual’s instructions to the staff.

The administrator has to know the instructions, norms, orders, guidelines, which relate to the organizational moments of the enterprise or organization. Knowledge of the basics of marketing, business language and basic foreign languages, understanding of technical processes, staff management, work with documentation, the basis of ethics, psychology, aesthetics, economics, labor law, rights and duties of employees are also important.

How to become an administrator

To work as an administrator, you need to have a full higher education in such specialties as:

  • Hotel business;
  • Service;
  • Restaurant business manager;
  • Human resources management (for other management areas).

It is possible to receive the corresponding education in universities all over the world because the specialty is popular in many prestigious educational institutions.


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