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Is it possible to work and earn extra money work for students in Poland

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work for studentsGiven the economic situation in Ukraine, not everyone can afford to go abroad for training, even to Poland, and not to think about seeking additional means of subsistence, except for parental care. Therefore, a particularly urgent issue is the opportunity to study in parallel. Abroad this is a fairly common phenomenon, and the Polish authorities, we can say that they make concessions in this matter to students and even applicants.


What is important to know on the topic “work for students?”

The work permit is not required for students who are on the territory of Poland on the basis of a residence permit, the purpose of which is to study at a higher education institution in a hospital. The same applies to postgraduate study.

Also for foreign citizens, work or work for students is possible without permission, if the training is started in an educational institution of one of the EU countries, and its completion or continuation should take place in Poland.

For those who are already students, there is no need to obtain permission if they:

  • study at a hospital in a Polish university;
  • undergo professional training in the direction of the organization, which is a member of an international student association;
  • are directed to work by the civil service of employment or its partners within the framework of interstate cooperation and this is confirmed by the employment agency;
  • are directed to direct training directly by the university or vocational school, which is provided for in their training program, if the educational institution works in the territory of the EU member states or EOG;
  • sent to a semi-annual practice of an educational institution, if it is registered in the district employment center, geographically corresponding to the place of residence or residence of the employer.

To get more accurate information on the topic “work during study” it is worth familiarizing with the current legislation at the time of departure to Poland for the purpose of obtaining an education.

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