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Solving the difficulties faced by a student from India

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According to the latest statistics, more than 4.3 million students receive higher education abroad in colleges and universities. Indian students can be found in different countries and educational institutions, studying various interesting specialties. It’s hard for any person to live in a foreign country – a student, an employee, just a migrant. Traditions, customs, habits might be absolutely different from the Republic of India. Majority of students face a number of difficulties after moving to a foreign country. Indeed, a change in the situation, separation from parents and friends, the beginning of an independent life – all this is associated with stress. How to avoid it? It is only necessary to prepare in advance for the difficulties that you may have.

Indian students should be prepared for the fact that abroad they will probably have to answer many times the same questions about themselves. Many students are not ready to constantly debunk stupid myths about their nationality or their native country. Moreover, thе biggest difficulty that Indian students have while living or studying in Europe, especially in the Eastern part is the urge to explain to everyone that not every Indian is the typical Ahmed/ Mohammed from Middle East. Indians have a need to explain that they are not chauvinists or sexist and the urge to prove, that Indians can think forward and be open-minded as any European man or woman can be. People might automatically assume- ‘Oh! Here comes Ahmed!’ A lot of Indians have been fighting with this problem since they have landed foot in Europe. It might look like a joke, however almost every Indian student faces a problem that he or she can never be as sophisticated as European student. There is a good advice that speaking of something that you know well, you will feel confident and gain some credibility. So, better it is better to use this opportunity to introduce foreigners to the real culture and traditions of your homeland.

Another problem in adapting of Indian students is the language barrier. Of course, gradually they begin to understand foreign speech and become able to speak a non-native language. But the task of mastering “informal tools” and adapt to the social and cultural environment can be hardly solved. Even if Indian student have perfectly passed the IELTS or TOEFL language exam, he/she will certainly run into a language barrier after moving to a foreign country. Some students fall into a real desperation, because they think that no one understands them because of the accent or misuse of foreign words and expressions. It is better to communicate with other people and make mistakes, because in university there will be a lot of same foreigners like you. Of course, if someone allows ridiculous language errors, people can laugh, but there will certainly be a person who will politely correct.  Communication with people from India can interest not only other foreign students, but also local youth. So it is important to look for new friends, because nobody wants to remain an “eternal alien”, closed from others.

Also many students from India are faced with the fact that they can not find food, drinks, things, cosmetics and other commodities that are familiar to them. Indeed, found equivalents can, in fact, be completely different from what you were looking for. And this can be a real problem. Of course, moving to a foreign country is a stress that some people cope with the help of food. Every Indians student should make habitual lifestyle as soon as possible and provide themselves with a healthy diet and find an excellent fitness center.

Moreover, in the first month abroad, everything will be new, including delicious dishes in local restaurants and cafes. Some Indian students in this situation cease to count calories and begin to eat more than usual. It is quite reasonable to find out if it is possible to transfer necessary things onboard the aircraft until you find a way to purchase these goods abroad. In a large developed metropolis, there will certainly be shops selling Indian goods and products. By the way, probably other students from India also faced similar problems. So it is better to ask them about where to buy the necessary things or find information in social networks and on thematic forums.

Fits of sadness and longing for the situation and people who stayed in India can be unpredictable and appear suddenly causing by anything. Any reminder of the house can provoke tears and even hysteria from some Indian students, and this is painful. Firstly, it is a good solution to discuss problems and fears with other foreign students who have already experienced such stress. Secondly, remembering that your friends who stayed in India are deprived of the interesting experience that you get in another country may help, especially if a person is going back to India after studying. Not dwell on the unpleasant emotions – better spend some time abroad to fun.

Today, there are many applications that help calculate the exchange rate in any country. However, most likely, it will take several weeks to get used to the new currency and exchange process. For example, Indian student may accidentally spend a lot more than he/she collected, or catch the viewer’s spiteful look during a long count of unusual coins at the checkout counter. In fact, it is very important to plan a budget in advance and get used to the new currency. It is better to calculate the amount of monthly expenses that are expected abroad, and find out if a student can earn extra money while studying. In addition, even before departure, it is necessary to open a bank account, which will help to manage finances and receive financial support from relatives.

It is possible that after moving it turns out that Indian student will use only half of those things that he/she has packed in unimaginable suitcases at home. So it is good to check and find out about what furniture and things will already be in the accommodation that will be entered abroad, as well as the climate that awaits in the new country. Proceeding from this, it is better to make a list of clothes and things that are needed in the first weeks after moving, and take only them. Everything else can be easily bought over time.

As shown by the survey, foreign students are much easier to adapt, if they are helped by universities. So the best solution that you can find to make studying easier is to choose the university or college with good reviews and rating.

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