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Studying in France 2018: scholarships for Indian students

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Studying in France 2018: scholarships for Indian studentsDeadline for application submission: January 12, 2018
Country: France
Participants: foreign students, including Indians

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France invites Indian Master’s and PhD students for studying.

The government offers Indians to do Master’s of PhD degree in four areas of study:

  • law;
  • economics and management;
  • politics;
  • engineering, technologies and communication.

Eiffel Excellence scholarship program created by the French government is aimed to attract Indian students, and not only, to study in French universities, build international relationships in the sphere of education and science, as well as share experience of conducting scientific-research works with other countries.

While taking part in the program, Indian students can get a chance to study in the best French universities and academies. It is important to mention that scholarship doesn’t cover foreigner’s tuition fees. It provides a monthly payment in the amount of 1180 Euros for Master’s students. As for a PhD programme, its students get 1400 Euros a month for research purposes.

In addition, the scholarship programme for Indian students covers different expenses, including an international trip abroad, social package and cultural activities. Upon certain conditions scholarship holders can also get extra money for accommodation.

Any foreigners, including Indian students who want to study in France have a right for a scholarship programme. Students getting an education abroad have priority over those already living in France.

To find out about the process of registration, follow the link.

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