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Post – Indian in Poland journey – Dhaval M.

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Indian students in PolandIn second world-war (1942-48) Poland die second time. I say story about long year ago about good relationship india-poland in this time more Poland peoples die that time 500 ladies with child going with sea way and it steamer going every country’s king place but nobody help his people.

Then this ship going Jamnagar,india and king name is krushna kumar shigh. He help and give 7 year to stay in his hawai mahel. That time many polish student are study in this city and after completed world war this ship going return and starting new life and save polish people and culture its real story about Poland. And we have evidence available in Jamnagar and we have a polish student and girls standing there proof.

17 feb, 2018 I was come in Poland first time I came in Europe. I feel very excited and I start my bright future here I come because of I pursuing my master study programme. I am nerves about this nationalism and study but I am very interested about this things. However I started my university I meet polish friends and my polish teacher both of peoples are very good and always helping me not only me but all of my Indian friends has a good review about polish people.

Sometime I forgot about my way polish people always helping me here is very frankly people. Yes sometime we create communication problem with people because I see in Poland many peoples don’t know English language so many Indian trouble that time but we will manage. Someday I use Google translation and now a day I trying to learning polish language and now I talk many words in polish language and its small difficult language but its very interesting for me because I like to learn different languages. But here I need job I arrange my university fees so I doing job in some field I find my bachelors degree field but I was fail then I started in dpd currier company. That place everyone polish people many people can’t speak English language but I was talk some mind language I earn some money and its help in my study. I see about food in Poland, I am vegetarian and here also available for veg food. Here atmosphere is very cold compare to my country and when I was in feb month here is snow so someday I feel cold but now I adjust this atmosphere.

Here, study education is very different. In my country follow about theoretical when here I see more practical way ad it is good system for learning way. In Poland, examination system is very different material instrument and technologies are different compare to India. Yes, now a day I create some problem regarding my study like I was fail in my class exam because I don’t know how’s examination system and what I correct way to wright about in my exam so but never mind I learn hard work and I solve my all doubt. In my university also provides external knowledge or other seminar activity meat new friends and we with celebrate every festival. And main thing they provide internship job and every way they always helping me. So I have one n half here in Poland so I try to learn polish and I making new polish friends. Let’s, it’s enough right now after I share my hall time in Poland experience.

Thank you so much

Dhaval Mangukiya

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