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Features of studying in European schools for Indian students

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Since 1980, the proportion of Indian teenagers who did not have school education dropped from about one half to less than one in ten. This is a big success for Indians which country is full of more school-age children than any other.

However, the quality of Indian schools remains a scandal. Half a decade of Indians can not read the paragraph intended for seven years. Many Indian teachers simply do not work. Starting from 2011, when the government introduced a start-up teacher test, 99% of Indian applicants each year fail.

Excessive Indian teachers’ unions, which, in fact, guarantee seats in some state legislatures, are getting worse. The wages of Indian teachers who are already high, more than doubled over the last two rounds of payment negotiations. Some Indians paid bribes to hire them in first place, consider this work as sinecure.

If you seriously think about the future of your child, who may have just crossed the school threshold, consider secondary education in Europe as a perspective. You will undoubtedly appreciate the opportunities that European schools will open for Indians.

Firstly, a graduate of an European public or private school is practically guaranteed an Indian student of any foreign university, and subsequently a successful graduate, who is expected to have a wonderful career in Europe and not only.

Secondly, studying in a European school is perhaps the best way to master one or more foreign languages ​​in perfection.

Thirdly, the multicultural environment of Europe is significantly expands the thinking, the horizon and the ability to adapt. Having plunged into a new language culture, communicating with peers from other countries, Indian child receives invaluable experience of international communication, becomes more tolerant, wiser, communicative than children limited to traditional Indian schools.

A school in Europe will give your child a truly fundamental knowledge of academic disciplines and foreign languages. This will allow him to develop his personality, creativity, ability to make decisions and independently think.

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