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Students from Saudi Arabia Are Relocating from Canada to USA and Europe. Why it’s Good for You?

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Students from Saudi Arabia Are Relocating from Canada to USA and EuropeAlthough higher education is far from politics, there are things that prove the opposite. Recently, it became known that students from Saudi Arabia, who studied in Canada, are transferring to the universities of Europe and the USA in urgent order.

The Canadian Ambassador was expelled from Riyadh by the Arabs, called home, and even canceled flights from Saudi Arabia to Toronto. But this is by no means all the consequences of the tweet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada Chrystia  Freeland. She tweeted about her deep concern about the situation in Saudi Arabia, where several activists who had fought for women’s rights were recently arrested. Among the detainees was activist Samara Badawi, and her brother, also a dissident, who’s  wife is a Canadian citizen living in Quebec. In a few days, the escalation of the conflict only intensified. Canadians blamed Saudi rule for gross violation of human rights. Arabs, in turn, as ultra-conservatives, said that the Canadians intervened in the internal affairs of the Kingdom and should pay for it.

Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir also reported rigorous measures, including the suspension of any Canadian business, the suspension  of scholarship programs in Canada, and even the departure of all Saudi patients, who was treated by Saudi medical student,  from local hospitals were organized. Undoubtedly, the situation will continue, as one of the greatest diplomatic splits between the two strong powers took place.

Of course, the Prime Minister of Canada, Trudeau, will do everything possible to remedy the situation, but it will also take some time, maybe several years.

Abolition of scholarships and expulsion of students.

As a result of the conflict,  the big companies were  affected by the investment, which were frozen and canceled contracts. The Riyadh  canceled scholarships for 16,000 students studying in Canada and urging them to leave the country and find relevant academic programs in other institutions in Europe and elsewhere.  To date, thousands of students have been dropped scholarships, tuition, and completely canceled any funding for the educational process, according to the “Saudi Gazette” publication. The authorities of Saudi Arabia agree to continue to pay for the training of their students, but in other countries.

Sources close to the US Department of State say that following Saudi Arabia, another countries can cancel scholarships for studying in Canada, in particular Qatar. And this means that universities in Canada already are not booked and it can be even worse later on. Also, the number of entrants from these countries will decrease in the coming years. Of course, it is a pity that this situation has arisen because of the conflict between the two states, foreign  students can benefit from this.

It should be noted that the Educational portal “Kudapostupat” is the first to highlight this situation with regard to the acquisition of higher education by Canadian universities and colleges. We keep track of the developments and report all important changes.

Warning for students from Arab countries.

The conflict between Canada and Saudi Arabia is gaining momentum. Although the Prime Minister of Canada is doing everything possible to reconcile the sides, it may take a long time, even a few years. More than 16,000 students are leaving  Canada for a coming academic year, no Saudi graduate will receive scholarships for studying in Canada . A similar situation may occur in other countries of the Arab world who will decide to join the Kingdom. Therefore, the “Kudapostupat” portal does not recommend to take to consideration colleges and universities in Canada for Arab students. It is better to pay attention to other universities in Europe and the USA. You can find a complete list of world rated  best universities on our website.

Benefits for foreign students.

In spite of everything, Canadian universities are among the most prestigious in the world. Every year more than 200 000  students from all over the world come to Canada. But, if we recall the situation with students and applicants from Saudi Arabia, now students from India, China, Nepal, Malaysia, and others have a better chance. With a decrease in the number of applicants from the Arab countries, the chance for other entrants will grow.

5 reasons why you should go to study in Canada.

  1. Canadian universities  have high academic standards and very carefully monitor the educational process. Therefore, the diplomas obtained there are appreciated practically all over the world and open the doors for successful employment.
  2. A high standard of living and prices for accommodation and products are lower than in the US or Europe.
  3. The multiculturalism of society. The diversity of cultures and backgrounds living in Canada and studying at universities is impressive. In such an atmosphere it is very easy to become accustomed to a new rhythm of life and to find friends. After all, Canadian are the most kind and polite people in the world.
  4. This country has been named by the United Nations for several years now as one of the safest for living in the world. It respects human rights, equality and stability, and peace in the whole society.
  5. The main aspect that lures many foreigners, is the ability to stay in the country after finishing your program. The government has developed an appropriate assessment system that allows talented professionals to stay in Canada to work and subsequently become citizens.

What do you need to take to consideration.

As everywhere, studying in Canada has several negative factors that frustrate newcomers.

  1. The cost of training – the amount of $ 25,000 is quite costly, so far not everyone can afford such luxury, but you can file for scholarship.
  2. Huge distance from home. This causes additional financial costs, takes more time and causes discomfort. But those who want to receive high-quality education abroad do not stop such nuances.
  3. The weather in Canada is quite variable and the winter is seen on the thermometer-25 C – this is a familiar situation. Therefore, lovers of warm winters and hot summers may experience discomfort, or check on Universities close to Toronto. It’s on the same meridian as Milan, Italy.

So, while this political situation has developed, it is worth to try our strength and become a student of one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Canada is fully open to foreign students, come and check it!


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