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Let’s make dreams come true together – higher education in France

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Let’s make dreams come true together – higher education in France

Do you dream of visiting France, seeing the Louvre and the Champs Elysees? Want to get a quality European education, but don’t know where to start? Then you should definitely get acquainted with the Campus France resource.

Campus France is an organization that helps students from all over the world to join the French culture and study in France. Including the activities of the organization applies to Ukrainian applicants.

Campus France helps Ukrainian students at all stages of preparation for study in France on a completely free basis. People who really understand the peculiarities of studying abroad, will provide advice on all issues of concern to the applicant. At Campus France you can find out:

  • Peculiarities of higher education in France and how to integrate into it after studying in Ukraine;
  • How to get a scholarship for young Ukrainian scientists in France;
  • What are the training programs, including distance learning, and how to choose the best one for you;
  • How to enter the 1st year of bachelor’s degree;
  • How to enter the 2-3 year of bachelor’s and master’s degree;
  • What are the language requirements;
  • How to get the necessary documents and a long-term student visa;
  • How to settle in a new place of study.

Campus France branches are located in six cities of Ukraine: in Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Lviv, Odessa, Rivne and Kharkiv. Each of them is an official representative of the company and works under the auspices of the French Alliance in Ukraine.

Campus France conducts large-scale educational activities through open presentations and meetings. Also, after listening to general information, the entrant can receive individual advice on studying in France and on possible scholarship programs for Ukrainians.

What documents are required to enter a university in France

The list of documents for admission to a French university may differ in each case, but 2 documents are required for any higher education institution: resume and cover letter. Some universities may also require a unique study project.

Resume requirements:

  • Ease of perception and accessibility of presentation;
  • Information about the student’s experience and competencies, diplomas, awards, diplomas, etc .;
  • Disclosure of skills and strengths of the student;
  • Literacy of the resume.

Requirements for the cover letter:

  • Disclosure of student motivation to study in this university;
  • Disclosure of the reasons why your candidacy is ideal for the chosen university;
  • Listing existing experience and skills that will emphasize the importance of the candidate and his compliance with the desired position;
  • The volume should not exceed A4 page;
  • The stated thoughts should be clear and weighty, without superfluous “water”;
  • The text should be divided into paragraphs for easy reading.

Requirements for the educational project:

  • Size 1-2 pages A4;
  • Information about previous education, their successes and achievements;
  • Disclosure of what you plan to study in France and why, the appropriateness of your choice in view of your education;
  • The attached information must be specific, with arguments;
  • No grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Extensive opportunities

Campus France presents a wealth of information on current issues of applicants, covers the latest news in its info-blocks and keeps abreast of student life in France. With easy navigation on the site, the user can easily find any information, choose the desired course, or contact the administration.

On the site you can choose one of the training programs:

  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • Master’s degree;
  • Doctoral studies;
  • Short-term programs, summer schools;
  • Curricula in English – more than 1,400 programs in all specialties;
  • Art education.

In this chapter, due to convenient filters, the user will be able to choose the direction of study, depending on the wishes, or by location, as well as be able to calculate the possible costs.

Campus France offers a wide range of distance learning programs, especially in light of the global pandemic.

Online programs in the following areas:

  • Agronomy and food industry;
  • Architecture and urban construction;
  • Chemistry;
  • Physics;
  • Mathematics;
  • Teaching;
  • Computer technology and design;
  • Biology;
  • Economics and political science;
  • Engineering;
  • Environment;
  • Medicine and health;
  • Journalism and information relations;
  • Jurisprudence;
  • Social work and communications;
  • Language and literature;
  • Administration, management and finance;
  • Sports;
  • Hotel and restaurant business, tourism;
  • Transport and logistics.

Every year, the French government launches a competition that provides additional funding for postgraduate and graduate studies. To participate, you must meet only two conditions: to have Ukrainian citizenship and a diploma of higher education in Ukraine. The scholarship will be awarded to students with a high academic background who have a decent academic record and are fluent in French / English.

Receiving a scholarship also provides the student with:

  • BGF status and entitles you to a free student visa;
  • exemption from payment for enrollment in government agencies of the Ministry of Education;
  • the right to student housing;
  • social and medical insurance at the time of receiving the scholarship;
  • supporting Campus France in organizational matters.

Detailed information on the required documents, deadlines for submission and features of the scholarship can be found here.

Also, young Ukrainian scientists can count on a scholarship (funding for short-term internships) from the French Embassy. To do this, you must have Ukrainian citizenship, defend your dissertation at least 5 years ago and require cooperation with a French laboratory.

The scholarship criteria and funding features can be found here.

More useful information and answers to all questions about higher education in France can be found on the Campus France website. Let’s make dreams come true together!

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