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Collegium Da Vinci is one of the oldest private universities in Greater Poland

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Collegium Da VinciCollegium Da Vinci is one of the oldest private universities in Greater Poland successfully operating on the Polish educational market for over 20 years . It is a place where students gain knowledge with interest and pleasure. Students, graduates and employees are joined by following their own curiosity, resulting from the deep conviction that curiosity is the most powerful feature that drives humanity to continuous development.

At Collegium Da Vinci we live by 7 principles of life and education of Leonardo da Vinci, which lead us to the discovery and full use of our student`s potential. CDV graduates find a job consistent with their interests and education – in the European Union and around the world.

We offer innovative study programs created in cooperation with partner companies and institutions such as IBM, Robot Gentleman, Game Dust, ICF Poland, RDH Urban, Bitcoin, Brand24, Hays. In total, CDV cooperates with almost 200 partners and 19 foreign universities.

For students who want to combine learning with experience, CDV offers a 3 + 2 program (except Graphic Arts , Information Technology, Urban Management). It means in the fact 3 days a week the student has classes at the university, and the other 2 days can be spent on internships at the employer or participation in additional activities such as open lectures, workshops, consultations with specialists, supervisions, meetings with practitioners, sessions coaching, courses, etc.

Collegium Da Vinci realizes the Erasmus + program, in which students gain go abroad for a part of their studies or practice for example to Croatia, Spain, France etc. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know another country, culture, language, make contacts and enjoy it having fun at the same time! Such trip usually takes from 3 to 6 months.

At the University Careers Office helps to establish effective business contacts, get to know recruiters and employers, find a place for internships and first professional projects. Careers Office employees are highly qualified counselors who regularly organize various types of conferences, trainings and meetings, conducted by experts from various industries and persons responsible for HR processes in Polish and foreign companies.

Collegium Da Vinci is a unique place also because there is a CDV Angel admissions@cdv.pl who for many years has been looking after candidates for the studies and first-year students. With angelic patience, she answers questions about studies, supports solving student problems and helps students to pursue their own passions.

Polish course “Fast & Fun Polish” We guarantee fascinating lectures from native speakers of Polish, city tours, during which you can improve your knowledge in practice in an informal and friendly atmosphere!

At Collegium Da Vinci, we make a cretive atmosphere organizing a variety of galleries with paintings, photos, artistic installations, as well as interesting performances and concerts, in one of the largest and most attractive multimedia hall in Poznań, Aula Artis at CDV.

Collegium Da Vinci

In comfortable and modern CDV interiors, unremitting standards of foreign universities, each student will find a place where he/she will be able to develop skills both in the field of science and art, regardless of the chosen field of study. For all our students there is available focus studio – equipped with professional recording and eyetracking equipment, EEG biofeedback apparatus and a one-way mirror ; X-box Laboratory – a unique computer games laboratory with Xbox consoles, Kinect controllers and TVs, equipped with the latest Unreal Engine 4.0 game programming engine .; mobile device laboratory – a specialized laboratory for programming mobile devices equipped with phones with Windows Phone and Android; a sculpture and drawing studio – a workplace of creative graphic designers, filled with easels, paints, sculptures and projects of our students; modern library – a unique place where every student will get professional help in searching for information, having access to over 50,000 titles of books and to international databases of electronic books, including EBSCO (over 140,000 e-books) and Polish databases of Ibuk.pl and NASBI; sports center – here the students have a well-equipped fitness room, 4 squash courts, spinning equipment and a gym.

At the university, there are dynamic scientific circles and student organisations founded and run by CDV students, associating, among others, those ones who like computer games (Game Wizards), IT enthusiasts (DRY – Do not Reapeat Yourself), as well as issues in the area of ​​consulting and coaching (Ears Vinci).

Collegium Da Vinci


First-cycle studies

The university offers study for Bachelor`s degree or Bachelor of engineering in 7 fields: Consultancy and Coaching, Data Science, Graphic Arts, IT Management Techniques, Information Technology, Mediaworking, Creative Management.

Noteworthy are IT Management Techniques – interdisciplinary practical studies combining key competences in management with the use of IT techniques and systems in the implementation of the current tasks of the company or organization. They prepare specialists of new management, who can combine “traditional” manager qualifications with technical skills to successfully use practical IT knowledge in the business environment.

Creative management is a commonly chosen  direction at CDV – combining knowledge in the field of management, personal development and new technologies. These are studies for people who want to learn how to manage a company and a team using creative methods and to design services and business solutions. As part of the studies, students will prepare to obtain business certificates, for example European Business Competence License (ECB * L).

A strong point of CDV is also the IT department, offering the following specializations in Polish: design of games and interactive media, IT systems and structure or mobile and internet applications. The course is also run in English (you can choose between the following specializations: mobile and internet applications as well as IT systems and structure). In December 2018, the CDV “Game Wizards” organized the first nationwide 24-hour marathon game design – a game jam-udged by an independent jury. In this test of their own abilities, cooperation skills, decision-making and creativity, setting real goals and actions to achieve them, the two main prizes were won by international teams of CDV students. Planned as a small event, game jam ended with a great success and announcement of the next editions.

Data Science is new in the academic year 2019/2020 – interdisciplinary bachelor studies in the field of economic analytics, combining issues in economics, IT and management. The studies also teach a number of social competences that are necessary in the dynamically developing sector of the digital economy, where combining “hard” and “soft” skills is key. Bachelor studies in the field of data science are closely related to mathematics, statistics and computer science, including in the field of programming for the purposes of data analysis and operation and configuration of IT support systems.

Mediaworking has been invariably popular for many years – interdisciplinary studies combining many areas: online marketing, e-commerce, new media and technologies, social media, media relations, PR and e-PR, journalism and graphics.

It is worth knowing that in 2016, CDV courses – mediaworking, creative management, consultancy and coaching – were awarded in the national competition “Studies with the Future” for the highest quality standards applicable in higher education.

Collegium Da Vinci

Second cycle studies

The university offers education in master’s studies in three fields: creative management, mediaworking, consultancy and coaching (also available at first-cycle studies). Second degree studies in CDV, in a chosen field, can be continued after completing any first-degree direction, also at universities other than CDV.

Detailed information on the cdv.pl website



At the first cycle, the university offers two majors: Urban Management and

Information Technology.

Information Technology is a field offering the following specializations: IT systems and structure as well as mobile and Internet applications. In December 2018, the CDV “Game Wizards” organized the first nationwide 24-hour marathon game design – a game judged by an independent jury. In this test of their own abilities, cooperation skills, decision-making and creativity, setting real goals and actions to achieve them, the two main prizes were won by international teams of CDV students. Planned as a small event, game jam ended with a great success and announcement of the next editions.

Urban management is the only in Poland innovative and multidisciplinary field of engineering studies in English, which was created in close cooperation with the best Dutch university of applied sciences Breda University of Applied Sciences. It educates project managers of the future, fluent in modern technologies and able to effectively manage and implement changes not only in cities, but wherever the ability to plan and manage projects on a large scale is required – taking into account the interests of many parties and with care for the natural environment.

In the second-cycle studies at CDV you can study creative management (more about the direction on the cdv.pl website).


Collegium Da Vinci

The admission is quite simple.

Step 1- Fill out your application form https://rekrutacja.cdv.pl/

Step 2- Send us the required scanned documents in Polish or English on email admissions@cdv.pl for a check.

  1. passport / ID.
  2. A School leaving certificate legalized and/or with an apostille, which authorizes you to apply for enrolment at a higher learning institution.
  3. A medical certificate.
  4. Documents from the application platform must be printed and signed on each separate page: personal questionnaire, application letter to CDV Rector , agreement (2 copies) and attachment to the agreement  (2 copies)
  5. Confirmation of registration fee
  6. Parent release form with a scanned passport if you are under the age of 18.

Step 3- Confirm your language proficiency- B1 level. If you apply for Polish language programme, you will have an online interview. If you apply for English language programme, you may submit International English Language Certificate or have online interview.

Step 4- Receive the acceptance letter and apply for visa.

  • Remember that visa procedures may require full annual tuition payment upon applying.
  • Remember to get one year  insurance to cover medical treatment and bring a copy of it to the coordinator.
  • Remember that those applicants who have the Pole’s Card are supposed to submit this document and the admission for them is a little bit different.
  •           Remember that admission for Graphic Arts requires interview with portfolio

Please remember to consult the coordinator to know the specific details: admissions@cdv.pl

The founders of CDV, Piotr Voelkel and Marian Marek Przybylski, award a university student and candidate for studies with scholarship, covering the entire cost of a full-year study at CDV. The condition is participation in the competition, announced on the cdv.pl website.

Collegium Da Vinci


Poznań, the city in which the Collegium Da Vinci is located, is one of the five largest cities in Poland. Due to its convenient location, ie less than 200 km from the western border with Germany, on the Berlin-Warsaw route, the city is often visited by tourists from around the world. It has excellent rail, bus and air connections.

Currently, Poznań has almost 600,000 inhabitants. There are 100,000 young people studying here, of which over 5,000 are people from 90 countries around the world. Most foreign students come from Ukraine, Spain, Belarus, Turkey and Norway. In the Collegium Da Vinci alone, there are about 200 foreign students who came to study in 14 different countries.

Collegium Da Vinci creates programs that can easily lead graduates into the labor market. Almost 114 thousand companies offer jobs here, and the unemployment level in Poznań has been one of the lowest in the country for years (1.3% – data in June 2018). The city’s flagship is the Poznań International Fair – the largest organizer of trade fairs in Central and Eastern Europe, which has been prospering for almost 100 years.

The reason for the great interest in Poznań is also its rich history and its unquestionable charm – the beauty of the Renaissance Old Town deserves special mention here. In Poznań, Polish statehood was developing – on the small island surrounded by the Warta and its tributary, the first ruler of Poland began the construction of an early medieval castle, whose relics we can admire even this day.

1/3 of the Poznań area are green areas. There are 40 parks open here, through which there is an extensive network of bicycle paths. You can traverse them on your own or city bike, rollers or electric scooter. An attractive form of spending free time is also a trip outside the city – Lake District makes that the local areas are rich in a dense network of rivers, naturally formed lakes and about 150 artificial water reservoirs. For the active, there are nice options in the summer: kayaking, wind-surfing, sailing and rowing are available – in these last two ones have regular nationwide and international tournaments; In winter, it is worth trying your ice sailing skills.

In Poznań, there are over a dozen theater scenes, movie theaters and multiplexes, nearly 100 pubs and music clubs, dozens of local and international restaurants, bars and cafes. Every year, for 25 years, in the heart of the green city, Malta Festival Poznań is organized – currently one of the largest festivals dedicated to performative arts in Europe. Regularly other international festivals take place here – including Ethno Port Festival (musical haven for guests from around the world), Dancing Poznań, Made in Chicago, Off Cinema (review of documentary films), Pyrkon (for fans of fantasy) or Mediations Biennale (contemporary art festival). The variety of outdoor events organized in Poznań, concerts, performances and exhibitions will satisfy every student.

Collegium Da Vinci

Contact info


Viber: +48 697 691 914


VK-Collegium Da Vinci

FB- Collegium Da Vinci

Instagram- Collegium Da Vinci и cdv_united

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