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The entrance campaign 2020 – what an entrant can count for

Noone would envy the graduates of 2020 as the last semester was spent during quarantine, the leaving parties were cancelled and what to do further – no one can tell them. The plans that future entrants built for the entrance campaign now have to be reorganized due to self-isolation conditions. Let’s get acquainted with the actual information to be able to answer the following questions: “When will the final exams take place?” and “How to submit documents to the university in 2020”.

EIE 2020 – wearing masks and keeping the distances

The entrance campaign of 2020 is impossible without taking final exams. The dates of final exams are unknown for now, and everything depends on the date of quarantine weakening. It is quite possible that these dates will move in comparison with last years, and the study in universities will start with the delay. Noone talks about exams cancellation and this is a very important evaluation criterion. The exams will take place with all the necessary security measures: the distance of 1,5 metres between each exam participant and obligatory mask mode.

The entrance campaign 2020 – what one should count for

The entrance campaign will be different due to quarantine influence. If earlier the document’s originals were to be brought to universities individually, now you can do that without leaving your house (due to modern technologies and common sense). Each university publishes the entrance campaign conditions on its website and everyone can get acquainted with them beforehand.
To be an entrant in 2020 is both difficult and frightening as you don’t know what will happen further and what the situation will be tomorrow. But you should give up! And remember, you are not the only one in this situation, and all the best is just in future!

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