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Education in Slovakia for Indian students

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Capital: Bratislava
Currency: Euro
Time zone: UTC +1

Main language of study: Slovak (free and paid programs)
Second language of study: English (only paid programs)
Structure of education system: pre-school education (3-6 years), elementary school (5 or 9 years), secondary school (4 years) or gymnasium (4-8 years), university (bachelor’s program, master’s program, post-graduate program)
The most popular cities among entrants are: Bratislava, Kosice, Presov, Komarno, Nitra


Slovakia – is one of the countries offering to get European education to Indian citizens. There is  an opportunity to study disciplines in English for Indians, but it is on a paid basis.

Indian student can gain all necessary communication and understanding skills important for the process of study before studying in university.

Education in Slovakia is available for yesterday’s Indian pupils just like for Indian young specialists with diplomas from local universities. According to those Indians who have already tried being a student there or sent their children, the country itself is the best choice in the context of safety and comfort. It is very convenient that Indian student can get admitted to Slovak university without any exams or external independent testing results.

Education programs available for Indians are fully consistent with European standards, and diplomas don’t require nostrification in all countries of the world accepting European documents about education. Besides, most universities in Slovakia are a part of European association of universities, which makes it possible to take part in student-exchange programs, internships in other European countries, Canada, USA, Great Britain and others.

Education in Slovakia has another important advantage related to financial aspect. On the one hand living in Slovakia is cheaper than in other European countries, including all additional expenses on getting education (dormitory, travelling, preparatory courses). On the other hand Indian students have the right of official employment and living within the territory of Slovakia since the beginning of studying at preparatory courses. This is a huge advantage for Indians, because they cannot only support themselves financially, but also travel to other countries of European Union.

Another bonus is a discount card (ISIC-card), which is available for any Indian student. It gives Indians an opportunity to get up to 40% discount for travelling around the world, and in some stores, places of public nutrition and entertainment centers.

And finally, it should be mentioned that Slovakia – is the best choice for parents whose children want to study abroad. This country has been one of the calmest and safest ones for many years. This is because the main part of population is indigenous inhabitants, and people don’t have any religious or national conflicts. In addition, Slovakia is characterized by its well-structured functioning of law enforcement agencies.

And if to talk about job prospects, there is a chance of success too. According to ratings, over the last years Slovakia has developed in the level of prosperity of its citizens, quality of life, GDP growth and inflow of foreign investments. So, thoseIndians who are looking for the place to study have something to think about.

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