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Education in Estonia for Indian students

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Capital: Tallinn
Currency: Euro
Time zone: UTC +02

Main language of study: Estonian
Second language of study: English, Russian
Structure of education system: pre-school (up to the age of 7), secondary (12 years), higher (3-10 years)
The most popular cities among entrants are: Tallinn, Tartu, Narva


Based on international assessment Estonia has a reasonably good potential in the sphere of providing educational services for Indians. Although these days a percent of Indian-speaking students is growing among entrants, the amount of Indians who want to study in Estonia is getting bigger year by year.

On the one hand, this is caused by a huge amount of education programs in English, including free ones for Indians. On the other hand, this is due to low prices for studies, accommodation and related expenses, as well as comfortable climate and friendly citizens.

Higher education in Estonia

The process of studying in Estonia is carried out according to the Bologna system, which gives an opportunity to continue studying at universities of other EU countries and easily find a job in any European company on the basis of Estonian diploma. The period of studying depends on the selected field of study; to get a Bachelor’s degree a student needs 3-4 years, Master’s degree – 2 years, Doctor’s degree – 4 years.

Indians have an opportunity to study both in state educational institutions and private ones after being selected by competition based on grades in a certificate of secondary education. It is also necessary to have a certificate of Estonian as a foreign language, or other foreign language used for your education program. However, the last option is generally paid, although it also provides scholarships from universities or funds, as well as tenders for studying. The most talented students from India may also count on a double scholarship.

The rate is highest among the Indian students of the Faculty of Chemical and Materials Technology with 80% planning to enter the Estonian labour market to find employment in their field, followed by Indian students of the Faculty of Information Technology (66%), the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (64%), and the Faculty of Science (62%). A little over a third of the Indians of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration would like to stay in Estonia after receiving their diploma.

Education in Estonia – advantages

  • High comfort level in the period of studying and leisure.
  • The best value for money at paid programs.
  • Opportunity to study for free not only in Estonian, but also in English.
  • Loyal attitude to Indian students, including their financial support.
  • High level of security.

It should be mentioned that these days Estonia shows excellent data after implementing innovations in all spheres of life, and this fact distinguishes it in contrast to European countries. As a result, the country is attractive not only for the purposes of getting higher education especially in technical disciplines, but also for life.

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