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Education in France for Indian students

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Capital: Paris
Currency: Euro
Time zone: UTC +1

Main language of study: French (free and paid programs)
Second language of study: English (only paid programs)
Structure of education system: pre-school (up to the age of 6), elementary school (5 years), secondary school – college (4 years), senior high school – lyceum (3 years), higher education (3-5 years)
The most popular cities among entrants are: Paris, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse


Education in France is the second one in the rating if to talk about prestige and level of preparation among countries offering education for Indians. And the culture itself, as well as uniqueness and rich history of France help increase the interest to education in this country.

First of all it’s all about alluring Paris – a world center of high fashion. Its educational institutions are known for such graduates as celebrities in the sphere of modern fashion industry, genius designers and couturiere whose collections of outfit are interesting even for kings. So Indians that are interested in learning history of fashion and modelling will find a place for using their skills.

Paris universities take full advantage of huge demand for educational services by offering Indian students to get not only first, but also second higher education of Bachelor or Master’s degree. Besides, there are lots of programs enabling to acquire general and indepth knowledge within a short time.

Special aspects of higher education in France

Diploma of higher education in France is issued to those Indians who completed either general or professional training. In the first case studying takes 2 years (short cycle), in the second one – 3 years (long cycle). As a result you will get a document equivalent to the basic level of complete higher education.

If Indians study for another year or two afterwards, they may get a qualification equivalent to previous “specialist” and “master”, which are considered an evidence of getting complete higher education.

For Indians who want to study targeted areas to the full or make his/her contribution to the development of some academic discipline in future, there is further education (3-6 years) and it gives a higher doctorate degree.

To get higher education in France is possible in one of three educational institutions:
– university,
– tertiary school,
– specialized school.

How to get admitted to an educational institution in France

To get first higher education at a university or a tertiary school in France Indian student needs to provide a certificate of complete secondary education with high grades. In addition, Indians have to take a test: DELF to prove French language skills and IELTS – English.

It is a bit easier to get second higher education. Indian student needs a Bachelor’s degree diploma and IELTS results.

The most popular among native citizens is a so called “short cycle” of training, which provides a real opportunity to find a job as a junior specialist in the selected area in 2-3 years, and, at the same time to continue advanced training, if necessary.

According to recent news during the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to France in April 2016, both countries agreed that Indian students were allowed to stay in France for two years, one for a period of study and one after the completion of a course in order to obtain professional experience in mutual agreements. for French students in India. This year, the Embassy offered about 400 scholarships for the “Charpak” scholarship program for undergraduate, undergraduate, graduate and internship students. French companies, such as the MBDA, also offer scholarships to Indian students, including waiving of tuition fees and a monthly scholarship. Moreover, every year EDHEC and the French Embassy honour two Indian students with an excellent academic record with a scholarship covering over 50% of their tuition fees. Keeping up with the tradition, this year EDHEC has selected two of Indians brightest minds eligible for the scholarship.

Happy news for Indians is that France is the only country which provides up to 8 years of VISA to Indian students. Latest news article shows that in 2018, over 6000 Indian students and scientists chose France for pursuing higher education. All news reports present the information that France is aiming to more than double the enrollment of Indian students at French universities in the next three years. As part of efforts to strengthen its “strategic partnership” with India, the country aims to be hosting 10,000 Indian students by 2020. Despite recent laws reforms, Indians who come to study SKEMA in France continue to use the initiative of the French government, which allows Indians to stay and work.

Lastly, you don`t need to be concerned about xenophobia and facing racial hatred. Universities tend to be liberal hubs which celebrate diversity and it is rare for students to face discrimination.

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