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Education in Romania for Indian students

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Capital: Bucharest
Currency: Romanian leu
Time zone: UTC +02

Main language of study: Romanian (free and paid programs)
Second language of study: English, French, Hungarian, German
Structure of education system: pre-school, elementary (years), secondary, higher education (Bachelor’s program, Master’s program, doctoral studies), postgraduate education
The most popular cities among entrants are: Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov


Education in Romania these days is an excellent alternative for getting higher education for most Indian citizens. Reform of the education system to European-like, as well as dynamic modernization of material resources of universities, teaching staff competence development and implementation of modern methods of teaching enabled universities of Romania to prove themselves as potential learning service providers.

To get a higher education diploma for Indians in Romania is possible not only in state universities, but also in private ones, as well as in tertiary schools, academies, colleges and conservatories. It’s worth to remark that this country is distinguished by incredibly beautiful nature, access to sea and favorable climate, which provide the most comfortable living condition for the period of studying.

The most popular fields of study of young Indian specialists in Romanian universities are architecture, art, music, veterinary science and education. Higher education is cost-efficient for the citizens of India, because the government awards scholarships for education of Indian students.

Advantages of education in Romania

  • The education program partially includes teaching in English, which allows to study at least terminology and prepare to advanced training in other country by the time of getting a diploma.
  • Diplomas of European standard are recognized in any country of European Union;
    It is allowed to work for Indians part time during the period of studying and full time during the period of vacation.
  • Working citizens of other countries have an opportunity to choose extramural education programs.
  • Cost of education in Romania is affordable to almost all social groups of Indians and depends on the selected specialization, as well as the level of preparation.

Education in Romania for Indian students

As in any other European university, to enter a Romanian one Indian students need to prove your knowledge of the national language, which is used to conduct classes. Indians can do that by passing a test in one of the language centers or by providing an international certificate, a document about studying in this language before etc. If the level of Romanian is low, Indian students always have an opportunity to take a preparatory course in a university, which is also focused on vocabulary necessary for the education program.

A document enabling to enter a Romanian university is a certificate, which is equivalent to the one obtained by Romanian pupils after graduating from a school, where they study for 12 years. Hence, citizens of India have to provide either a diploma of a local university, or a certificate on completion of 1-2 courses at a university at home.

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